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Are there any small/portable Group 1 car seats?

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ElleRaiser Wed 07-Oct-09 21:52:37

Have just received a Britax Prince car seat, for my 11 month old DD, who's outgrown her baby seat. I wasn't expecting how giant this group 1 seat is! I had been planning to carry it with me on the train, to use in a cab at the other end, but I am not sure there is any way I could manage it and DD. Are there any seats that are less bulky, or is this just the way it is with seats for children of this age? Would a group 1/2/3 be any different?

ElleRaiser Thu 08-Oct-09 10:11:33

Bumpity bump?

janek Thu 08-Oct-09 10:27:21

in a word 'no'. someone asked this very question of annalisa barbieri when she was the personal shopper in the weekend guardian and that's what she said. they are not designed to be portable, they are designed to travel in a car.

we have this issue every time we visit my in-laws (not least because they have homes in ireland and italy - lucky them. and us) so we have double the usual grandparent-carseat-requirement.

one option for you might be to take your pushchair (which you presumably were going to - how else would you get to the station..?) and get a black cab at the other end - you should be able to use the disabled seatbelt/strap things to anchor the pushchair in a backwards-facing direction (i have only just realised this myself, so have not travelled by taxi in over 3 years, even though it turns out i could have...).

also, modern black cabs (apparently all our local ones, although i have yet to put this to the test) have a fold-down booster seat in the middle which would be entirely unsuitable for your 11 mo, but is something to bear in mind for the future.

btw it is my opinion that you might as well get a 123 seat anyway (it needs to recline a bit though for when the child is still small, an evolva 123 does this) because:
1. they cost the same virtually as stage 1 seats
2. they last until the child no longer needs a booster at all.
3. the integral harness seems to raise to a higher height, meaning a tall, but skinny child could still be restrained with it, even if they may have outgrown a stage 1 carseat.

but i'm not a professional and i know you didn't even ask that...

and they're not any smaller or easier to carry.

janek Thu 08-Oct-09 10:28:19

btw you are not 'legally' required to use a carseat in a taxi if one is not available, but i wouldn't dream of letting my children travel unrestrained, whatever the law says...

ElleRaiser Thu 08-Oct-09 21:56:59

Janek, thanks so much. You must have read my mind: I have been looking at the Britax Evolva, with a view to swapping. Even if it's no smaller, it might be better, more flexible value...

No black cabs near where my family live, and amazingly not a single cab company of about six there that can provide a seat, even if you book well ahead. Isn't that crazy? They mentioned you are not obliged to use one in a cab, but who wouldn't prefer to, given the option?

Thanks v much!

SarahNM Fri 09-Oct-09 22:49:02

Hi there, Sorry to be a Kiddy evangalist lol. But you should check out the infinity pro for lightness - it would probably be too bulky for you, but it's really light compared to the other group 1s!

sazm Tue 13-Oct-09 11:37:23

the evolva is a great seat, but its very bulky to carry around,and is also quite tricky to fit,some cars seatbelts are not long enough to strap it in either,
i would go for the kiddy infinity too,

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