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What car seat for a Mk 3 Golf GTI?

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RGPargy Tue 06-Oct-09 22:48:41

Can anyone recommend from experience which car seat will fit best in a Mk 3 Golf GTI?


ChunkyMonkeysMum Wed 07-Oct-09 19:10:26

Do you have Recaro Bucket Seats ?? What stage car seat are you after ? Is it the stage 2 (9 months-4 years)?

RGPargy Wed 07-Oct-09 22:23:18

Dont think we have the bucket seats - i'm sure i'd know if we did, being of a larger persuasion! haha! wink

Yes, sorry, am looking for 9 months - 4 years car seat.

ChunkyMonkeysMum Wed 07-Oct-09 23:09:13

I had a golf V5 that had leather recaros and was really difficult to get a car seat to fit. It's quite expensive but the only one I found was the maxi cosi axiss car seat. See here

nicm Thu 08-Oct-09 12:54:22

have you thought about rear facing car seats? they are 5 times safer in an accident. more info on we bought the britax two way elite for ds 17 months and are really happy with it. got it from you could call them and see what they recommend. hth

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