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best high back booster

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mollynp Tue 29-Sep-09 18:27:53

i am replacing my ds's high back booster after being in a car accident this morning. does anyone know which ones have come top in which reports or euro ncap crash tests?

nigglewiggle Tue 29-Sep-09 22:49:10

I hope you are ok. This was the recent response to my request for the Which Report results -

By PrefetParfait on Wed 15-Jul-09 20:34:56
kiddy Comfort pro - 67%
Recaro young sport - 56%
Britax Kiddifix - 77%
Maxi Cosi Rodi XR - 75%
Britax Kid plus - 74%
Concord Lift Evo PT - 72%
Cybex solution X -72%
Bebe Safe eZe up - 69%
Silver Cross navigator - 69%
Kiddi Discovery pro - 68%
Cybex Solution X - 56%
Chicco 2-3 - 52%
Jane Indy plus team - 52%
Nania Dreamfix - 51%
Recaro Monza - 48%
Mama's & Papa's Pro-Gro - 46%

The don't buys (all below 20%) were
Chicco Max 3s
Recaro start
Little Shield combi

That is all they tested.


mollynp Wed 30-Sep-09 07:57:00

thanks, we're all ok, just changing car seats to be on the safe side.
might change from the concord lift evo pt to the britax kidfix. the other two seats i only bought a few months ago, so i am happy with them, just wanted to know what the best high back boosters are now as new stuff has come out in the last 3 years.
and now i've been in a potentially more serious car accident, i am much more paranoid about car seat safety!
don't know if anyone knows, but does a high back booster being isofix improve it's safety in an accident?

nigglewiggle Wed 30-Sep-09 09:13:11

From what I've read, the safety of Isofix is that it is impossible to fit them incorrectly. Many other car seats are actually fitted incorrectly by their owners.

Glad you are ok smile

kellyatbabyguds Wed 30-Sep-09 10:00:57

The other advantage of an Isofix high back booster is that in the event of a collision it is only the weight of the child against the seatbelt where as with the normal belted seats the child has this weight pushing them into the seat belt as well. Not quite sure if I read right but did you have three seats in the car at the time of the accident?

mollynp Wed 30-Sep-09 10:58:16

yes, i had a britax two way elite (rear facing), kiddy comfort pro in the middle (as a booster)and a concorde lift evo pt on the other side. the front corner drivers side was smashed in while i was stationary in traffic. a car came from the other side of the road to avoid a bus that had pulled out and crashed into the lady in front, then my car. no-one was injured, but my car came out worse! i don't think the pre-tensioners were activated on the seatbelts and no air bags were activated, but on advice from essex road safety officers i am changing the car seats, and the insurance pays for it anyway.

kellyatbabyguds Wed 30-Sep-09 12:57:48

I must of read it wrong I thought you were replacing one and not all three. Sounds nasty glad your ok

mollynp Wed 30-Sep-09 13:54:42

buying all three, but might get a different booster for one of them

MrsMagnolia Thu 01-Oct-09 11:33:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mollynp Fri 02-Oct-09 15:34:04

after being in a relatively bad accident whilst stationary in traffic, i want the safest seats going (that fit my car)!
i'll go to see the essex road safety officers when i get my car back and try them in there.
the gentleman at the milton keynes shop (that sells rear facing second stage seats) reckoned that an isofix booster would be safer as there is less movement of the seat in a side impact, but some of the energy of the crash is still taken by the seatbelts holding the child in the seat.

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