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Recommendation - Forward Facing Car Seat

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izz2009 Tue 22-Sep-09 09:35:38

We bought a Maxi-Cosi Tobi car seat for our first child and were so impressed we bought another for our second child.

When in place, all four corners are pinned down firmly and it felt just as secure as an isofix fitting. Not only that we found it quick and easy to put in/take out and because it isn't isofix, it gave us the felxibility to put it in the grand-parents car.

I honestly would recommend this to anyone and would easily rate it 10/10.

click here - this is where we bought it from

Hope this helps you choose, I know we spent hours considering which one to buy the first time.

IwishIwasmoreorganised Tue 22-Sep-09 09:41:49

I can second that recommendation - ours is fantastic.

We also go a summer cover to put on it which is useful to whip off and wash while still having the seat in operation.

I found the best price I could on the internet and our local independent shop price matched it. I think we paid £145 (it was about 18 months ago)

threetinytots Wed 23-Sep-09 10:26:55

I have to say, before I recommend my forward facing car seats, that rear facing is the safest and best option for children up until they are around 4 years old. However, car seats for this bracket and limited and very expensive in the UK, hence why my DC are still forward facing.

We have a Maxi Cosi Tobi and a Kiddy Infinity Pro(one in each car). I love both, each have their good points. The Tobi (inherited from DD1)was fantastic for when dd2 just came out of her group 0 car seat at around 15 months. Reclines easily, very secure harness, comfy, and easy to get in and out. I do sometimes find it hard to pull the harness tight so that it fits snugly around her shoulders, but this might just be me being weak, or that the strap is sometimes twisted. The Tobi goes in both our cars well(307SW and Clio), always feels very secure and is so easy to fit even my brother managed it in about ten minutes and he has never been near a child's car seat in his life!

DD2 is now 23m and I use the Kiddy Infinity Pro as her main seat. It is super easy to use as you don't have to fix it in - it uses the seat belt to secure the seat and the child like a booster seat. DD2 loves it, and providing she is in a cooperative mood it is very easy to strap her in. If you do have a toddler that hates being confined in the car this may not be the seat for you as it is very hard to put the bumper across and put the seatbelt through when you have a squirming, kicking child. It has a minimal recline, but my DD just rests her head on the bumper and falls asleep. She looks quite comfy. I am also very impressed at how secure she is in it - I did think that she may be able to wriggle out, but once she's in there's no way she's getting out! The crash test videos also persuaded me that this car seat was the best alternative to rear facing.

Overall, DD is very happy in either seat but my personal peference for her age is the Kiddy Infinity Pro simply for ease of use and the safety aspect.

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