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Cheap car seat... would you risk this?

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ElleRaiser Fri 18-Sep-09 10:14:50

At the risk of sounding like a terrible cheapskate: I am on the lookout for an inexpensive car seat for 9 months plus. There was a fab one that some one linked to here a few months ago for £50, but I didn't watch the link and can no longer remember what/where it was...

While searching I found this one!!-Save-%a3%a3%a3s!_W0QQitemZ250492595915QQ cmdZViewItem What does the mumsnet jury think?

Basically, DH and I don't have a car and don't have friends who do, but occasionally we take DD1 (now 10 months) in a taxi, and need a trustworthy seat for that (the firms I have contacted for short trips never have a car seat as they say they are not legally obliged to).

Would any 9 months plus seat be the kind you can strap in just with a seatbelt? And would they be light enought for me to lug on a train journey (DD1 on one hip, bag over shoulder, holding car seat) that we have to take before a typical cab journey that we do?

I don't want to compromise DD1's safety, but we need this seat so rarely, I don't want to needly less spend loads that we don't have ... and alas, no one to borrow off either...

Sorry for the essay [worried emoticon].

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 18-Sep-09 10:24:41

My sister bough something very like that for a one off weekend staying with her when dd was 16 months and TBH it was awful.
Really difficult to fot tight would be a lot of faffing about and very very flimsy.
She didn't look comfortable in it at all.
The one good thing would be it is light and because the back eventually comes off to leave just a booster cushion it would be easy to have as 2 seperate bits and stick in a suitcase or black bag or something to carry.

I'm not sure really how much I would recommend one even for very occasional use because I never did feel it was a secure seat or would be particularly useful in an accident.

moosemama Fri 18-Sep-09 10:46:12

Hi there

I wouldn't buy a very cheap carseat from choice even for occasional journeys, as you never know when an accident might happen even if you don't use cars regularly.

As for carrying a car seat. Have you seen these car seat bags you can put the car seat in it and then carry it over your shoulder. It might help you to transport both dd and the car seat a little more easily.

Kiddicare have a Britax 9 months - 4 years seat for only ten pounds more than the one you linked to. If that's any help. Mothercare have the same one for nearly ninety pounds.

IneedacleanerIamalazyslattern Fri 18-Sep-09 10:58:59

Oh yeah would def go for the Britax over the one you linked to without a doubt.
It will more than likely be heavier but a far sturdier, probably easier and more secure to fit seat too.

kellyatbabyguds Sat 19-Sep-09 10:11:31

Have a look at the Britax Prince it is a good seat at a reasonable price and is the lightest in the range for carrying on trains. I second Moosemama whose to say when you will have an accident?

ElleRaiser Sat 19-Sep-09 20:06:25

Brilliant - thanks so much... that won't break the bank and glad to know it's relatively light...

FabBakerGirlIsBack Sat 19-Sep-09 20:09:57

Would you risk this?

If you feel it is a risk, why do it when it comes to your child's safety?

is irrelevant that you don't use a car often.

Danthe4th Sun 20-Sep-09 23:05:52

Have a look on the argos website they do one by babystart that would suit you £39.99 reduced from £44.99 and it also has side protection, i've got one thats similar as a spare and its very good.

kellyatbabyguds Mon 21-Sep-09 10:09:03

The Baby start ones are actually made by nania and they are poor quality much better to stick with the Britax Prince!

mamadiva Mon 21-Sep-09 10:17:03

A car seat is not any use if it does'nt actually fit the car though.

We are in the same position as you but for my 3YO, we do have a car seat but it is one that splits when older but I hate it because it has never seemed secure enough think it's an M&P one.

The problem is as I say no matter what car seat you have it may not fit correctly and be renedered useless in an accident.

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