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0-13kg or 0-18kg car seat choice of seat and long haul flight

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lwfh Tue 01-Sep-09 13:45:01

Hello I am looking for a bit of advice/help with a decision here please!

I have a one year old DS and am due again in December (16 month difference)

We are trying to decide if we should buy a 0-13kg car seat for the new baby or a 0-18kg bigger seat (which we did for DS).

I don't drive, so mostly any car seat that we buy will just stay in the car. We don't use the car very much at all really.

Benefits of small seat:

a bit more space in the back of the car.

We might be able to take it on the plane to the UK next summer (we are living abroad and planning a 3 month trip home) so no need to buy a new seat (the new baby will be about 7-10 months old during the trip). DS will have his second birthday during the trip. DS is already 13.1kg.

But, re: plane trip - we will buy two adult and one child seat and the new baby will go on my lap/in the aeroplane cot. This means that DS will have the seat and he will be too big to go in a 0-13kg baby car seat, so either 1) (best alternative) He goes in the aeroplane cot and the new baby goes in the car seat during the flight (but this is only possible if he still fits an aeroplane cot, but we will probably fly with BA and they have those cots that are a bit like reclining chairs, so might be OK or 2) the baby seat goes in an overhead locker (OK as long as it fits) or 3) we check in the baby seat (not sure that this is a good idea, it might get damaged)

Benefits of a big seat:

Cheaper. Only need to buy one. DS was so huge and grew so quickly he wouldn't have got much use from a small seat.

Any thoughts? Thanks for any advice!

SazzlesA Tue 01-Sep-09 14:12:45

Message withdrawn

SazzlesA Tue 01-Sep-09 14:14:15

Message withdrawn

Tangle Tue 01-Sep-09 15:45:56

We just flew to Canada with DD (2.5) on BA - they are VERY specific about what car seats can be used in the cabin (must be securable with lap belt only for one thing), and anything rear facing is not permitted. IIRC you are also not allowed to have the child in the car seat anytime the sealt belt sign is illuminated (including take off and landing) - the child must be on your lap instead. Double check with airline you decide to use, but don't be suprised if taking the seat on board is just not a practical option.

We did take the car seat with us, but wrapped it in a large amount of bubble wrap inside a

What type of seat is your DS in? Is he still RF or is he FF now? I'd lean towards getting a new seat for DS and putting your new baby in your current seat - if DC2 is on similar curves as your DS then all the advantages of having an infant carrier will be very brief.

SazzlesA Tue 01-Sep-09 18:29:17

Message withdrawn

lwfh Tue 01-Sep-09 19:01:19

Thank you for the advice and links to car seat. This helps a lot. Thanks.

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