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Kiddy Infinity Pro

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madmorgan Mon 31-Aug-09 23:45:22

Hi and HELP(!) to anyone who has bought the Kiddy Infinity Pro carseat 9 months - 4 years! Is the seat that secure or, call me thick, am I fitting it wrong??!!!! We put the seat into the car (Fiat Punto Grande), sit the little one in (she's just turned one), then, put the impact shield over her and, following the instructions (and a video I've seen) put the seatbelt around, click it in then thread it back through the impact shield. However, when we touch the whole seat itself, it moves from side to side in the car - are we doing something wrong as it doesn't seem that secure to me? We've tried tightening the seatbelt but even if you give the seat a push it moves about 10 inches to the left or right. HELP please! I waited nearly 3 months for this product and as patient as I was I'm now beginning to think it was the wrong choice! I bought the seat as it's supposed to be one of the safest!
Also, is it supposed to come with the toy attachments?

Thanks to anyone reading this!! blush

rightsaidfred Fri 04-Sep-09 22:32:36

We have the kiddy infinity and absolutely love it. I am pretty sure you must not have it fitted right as ours doesn't move- even when I am driving around without LO in the back and the seat totally unsecured it stays in place.
Are you sure the underside is flat to the seat and the recline mechanism hasn't got rucked up underneath?
Apparently the toys don't come with the black fabric- only the colours

madmorgan Fri 04-Sep-09 23:59:55

Thanks, we've given it another go but I think you're right, it needs to be flat at the bottom. Will try this again!! I bought a red/grey one and was told that the toys didn't come with it as it was not the 2009 model but as I waited nearly 3 months for the thing I didn't follow up on it. Thanks for the reply, I have read loads of praising reviews for this seat so I will keep trying!

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