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Babzee 3 stage car seat? Anyone heard or have op on one?

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dubbletrubble Sat 22-Aug-09 23:37:19

Anyone heard of this car seat? I am needing to buy a car seat for my daughter (20 mo) for my parents car. As she will be approaching stage 3 booster seat in next year or 2 was looking at this one offered in an ebay shop which is described as 3 stage (ie having 5 point harness, which is removable to make it into seatbelt using high back booster). I like the look of this as it will save my buying two car seats for only occasional use in my parents car.

Does anyone have one, or have any ops on them? I have tried searching for reviews online and cant find any - this worries me, or maybe it is just a really new product?

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