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Moving back to UK. What to do about car seats?

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letsblowthistacostand Fri 14-Aug-09 16:17:28

We are moving to London in January. I've been advised that US car seats are not approved for use in the UK (sigh.) Annoying because I really like our carseats, esp DD1's awesome harnessed booster with cupholders.

Here's my main problem: DD2 is 13mo and weighs a whopping 18lbs. She's still in her infant seat but is outgrowing it by height and will need a new carseat between now and Jan. I'd like to keep her RF as long as possible. How bad would it be to buy a good seat here and use it when we get there? There are some nice ones here. I could get a cheapo one to get us through to Jan but all the ERF seats in the UK are SO EXPENSIVE. Seriously, I am not prepared to pay 350 (POUNDS) for a carseat when I can get a great US one for $169.

Any advice? Any links to more reasonably priced RF seats?


letsblowthistacostand Fri 14-Aug-09 16:18:46

Also, we are not getting a full size car--we'll be in London and parking is at a premium and we don't use it that much. So the RF seat needs to be fairly compact.

risingstar Fri 28-Aug-09 20:50:47

seems totally reasonable to me...there are numerous examples of perfectly safe products personally imported that have not had the EU safety tests...they have probably had similar US/Australian/NZ ones instead. I'd definitely bring them. In fact i'm sure that there was a thread a while ago where people were buying them from the US because they could only by decent rear facing ones from the states

bloss Fri 28-Aug-09 20:59:04

Message withdrawn

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