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Stage 2 car seats Which one?

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shoofly Tue 11-Aug-09 16:34:40

Ds is 3.8 and tall. He is very happy in his Maxicosi Priorifix seat, but I was idly looking at the next size up ones in mothercare the other day when the sales assistant scared the life out of me. According to her DS is far too big for his seat and we need a new one NOW! Have just looked and he is over the weight(18kg), so need to look sooner rather than later - Any recommendations?

amidaiwish Tue 11-Aug-09 16:36:40

i have just got the BeSafe Izi up for DD2 and am very impressed with it. DD1 has the maxi cosi rodi xr which i have also been pleased with, butthe izi up seems a lot more of a seat (iykwim), bigger, bulkier, more cushioned, deeper head supports etc. think i will get DD1 one too and give the rodi xr to my mum for when she picks them up.

CMOTdibbler Tue 11-Aug-09 20:10:50

We have just put DS into Britax Kidfix seats. Very supportive and guides the belt nicely.

The isofix doesn't add much to safety on the high back booster, but it holds it firmly in place and stops it shifting around

CyradisTheSeer Tue 11-Aug-09 20:18:14

Message withdrawn

thegrammerpolicesic Thu 13-Aug-09 21:26:32

Concord's Isofix one (the Transformer XT I think) is brill.Worth every penny (and it is a lot of pennies).

norktasticninja Thu 13-Aug-09 21:29:42

I read recently that it's very important to keep them in a 5 point harness up to a certain age. I think it was 5. Not certain though. I'll try and find the thread...

norktasticninja Thu 13-Aug-09 21:41:29

Here, it starts off about lay flat baby seats and moves on.

shigella92 Fri 14-Aug-09 18:36:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

lynne6705 Mon 24-Aug-09 21:26:58

Just wondered if you had made a decision on your seat, I am looking for one too, looked at the Which reports and tried DS in the Maxi cosi Rodi XR but he looked so uncomfortable, it was so big and bulky he didnt seem to have any room to move in it, he looked the comfiest in one of the Graco ones (Logico Rally Sport) but I cant find any safety reviews on it.

shoofly Wed 02-Sep-09 15:07:56

I bought the Britax kidfix one - on dh insistance as it was the only one with isofix. I have to say, it is great. DS seems to really like the seat and has fallen asleep in it a few times - the head support supports his neck and head and his head does not loll forward - I really wanted a recline feature but tbh although the britax has this; it is useless - the child has to be out of the seat in order to recline the seat (so you can't do it when they fall asleep)- The instructions also say that the seat isn't as safe when reclined (which makes you wonder why they add it as a feature) I also would have preferred a 5 point harness, but these seem to be only recommended up to 18kg ans ds is just too big. We looked for the other seats suggested above (Izi & concorde), but couldn't find them in any local shops (we live in N Ireland) - I really liked the maxi cosi rodi one but in the end the isofix was the clincher.

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