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BertieBotts Tue 15-Jun-21 21:17:11

After you've attached the isofix arms, you need to push the base of the seat so that the arms (now securely latched onto the isofix points in the car) retract back into the seat and the actual booster seat itself fits flush with the vehicle seat. You shouldn't really be able to see the yellow part once it's properly pushed in.

If your seats are sculpted rather than totally flat, it might not be in contact 100% all the way up but it should be in contact at the bottom there and at the top.

You could take a photo and send to Maxi Cosi support and see if they say it's OK as well.

Can I just check you have attached it to the car directly and you're not using the Rivemove device?

James4ST Mon 14-Jun-21 15:56:06

I don't have a Rodie XP Fix, but it seems very similar in style to the Cybex Solution S-Fix, which I do have.

The Cybex has a small amount of flex at the join between the base and the back to allow for different (car) rear seat angles. When it was new it was a little reluctant to move but 6 months on and with the weight of my son, it now matches the rear seat angle nicely.

Looking on line at the Rodie XP Fix instruction manual, on page 13 it shows how the base and the back are clipped together so I would just check that this has been done correctly (by whoever assembled it) as it's this point where you should get a small amount of movement to accommodate the different angles in different cars. On mine it's only about 10 degrees so it's not obvious unless it's out of the car.

Good luck.

alicewasahorse Sun 13-Jun-21 15:19:21

Ive tried to install the new seat using Isofix. I'm happy I've installed it as per the instructions and the yellow isofox bars are well locked in place. Ive taken the headrest off so it's not pushing the seat but one thing I'm worried about is that the seat isn't flush against the back of the car and I thought this was a rule. The seat doesn't recline as far as I'm aware so I don't think I can push it back that way.

Any help would be most appreciated!! It's a maxi cosi Rodie xp fix.

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