Narrow seat for 2yo

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BabbleBee Wed 12-May-21 16:42:49

Help!! It has been a long time since I’ve bought a car seat...

I’ll be looking after my nephew once a week from next week and I was going to have BIL’s seat but we’ve decided that it’s better for me to have my own and then I can collect him in emergencies etc if needed.

I have isofix points, but I’m ok with a belt fitting too. The seat needs to be narrow as I’ll also have my older DCs in the back on occasion. Most of the seats I’ve looked at are around 43-45cms wide, do they come any slimmer? He’ll only be in the car for short journeys and unlikely to sleep.


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BertieBotts Thu 13-May-21 17:16:03

No that's about as slim as they come.

Britax and Maxi Cosi are still considered really good, unless you want a rear facing one, as that's recommended for longer these days. The best rear facing ones on a budget are Joie.

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