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Mothercare car seat isofix base

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Shamz94x Thu 04-Mar-21 13:24:28

I currently have mother pram set.

My car seat details are mothercare rm-f8013m.

Am trying to find an isofix base which is compatible with the car seat, so far I have tried a maxi cosi and cybex and dont seem to fit, can anyone help please ?

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MichelleScarn Thu 04-Mar-21 13:26:11

Mothercare do/did their own car seats like the Havana so possibly they may do one for the above pram too?

Shamz94x Thu 04-Mar-21 13:59:59

Mothercare are all closed down so very hard to find isofix base.

I have the car seat but just need an isofix base which fits with my car seat, seems to be a pain to find.

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dementedpixie Thu 04-Mar-21 14:08:38

If its an old seat then there may not be a compatible isofix base. Graco may have been similar to the mothercare car seats

Shamz94x Thu 04-Mar-21 14:18:41

It is a 2017 car seat

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BertieBotts Fri 05-Mar-21 09:19:49

That's not the right model number I'm afraid so I can't help you identify the seat. Which travel system is it that you have? Or could you post a picture of the car seat? That would help.

Usually there is only one base for any seat and it would defo be the same brand, not another brand. Some seats aren't compatible with any base at all. If you turn it over and look at the bottom, does it have any metal bars?

BertieBotts Fri 05-Mar-21 09:27:25

Oh I tell a lie, sorry! I have found the details of that seat, it's an Xpedior one.

It looks like it's not compatible with any isofix base. It's also an older design - all the posts I could find about it were from 2013 or 2014. That might mean that your car seat is around 7-8 years old. If you weren't aware, it's not always a good idea to use a car seat that's been around for too long as they do accumulate wear and tear over time and parts can go missing. I'm not sure how long mothercare advised for their car seats, some manufacturers advise no more than 7 years, some more like 10. It's just advisory rather than a law so up to you. But you might want to look into getting a newer one especially if you want to use it on an isofix base. However that would then not be compatible with your pram system.

Shamz94x Fri 05-Mar-21 11:43:18

Thank for you for update.

The car seat I have has sticker on the of it says production date 2017.

And yes it does has 2 metals bars under.

It won't let upload any pictures otherwise I could of made more sense by showing photos


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BertieBotts Fri 05-Mar-21 14:47:21

Ah OK 2017 isn't too old smile

Metal bars does normally mean it's compatible with a base, so it could be. I'll see if I can find out what the different Mothercare car seats are called so you can see if ti matches any pics of those. Probably tomorrow though.

Shamz94x Fri 05-Mar-21 21:08:46

Mine is the Same as the one below,

Please see link

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BertieBotts Fri 05-Mar-21 21:22:31

It definitely seems to be the Xpedior one.

There isn't any mention of a base in the manual, so it's probably not compatible with one. A lot of the reviews of it mention this as a negative point as well.

RoomAtTheEndOfTheWorld Fri 05-Mar-21 21:28:56

OP, I used to be a buyer for Mothercare (admittedly the xpedior came out after I left) but I am 99% certain the car seat does not have a compatible isofix base.
Any own brand travel systems such as that generally won't have a base made to keep design/manufacturing costs low.
Another brand base won't work with it I'm afraid.

Shamz94x Sat 06-Mar-21 12:24:44

Such a shame as would save me alot of messing about.

Thank you all for your kind help and quick replies.

All the best

Thanks once again

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