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DD too tall for her car seat.

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Twinkie01 Tue 09-Feb-21 19:06:14

DD is 7 and is now too tall for her car seat. We've pulled the back up as high as possible and her shoulders are touching the top bits. I understand that the ones with just bases are now not to be used. Can anyone recommend me a car seat for a tall 7 year olds? She's 4'2" apparently (she did measure herself though)

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2021Sunshine Tue 09-Feb-21 19:24:47

Check those measurements and then look at Diono Monterey 2 or other larger height seats.

BertieBotts Tue 09-Feb-21 22:09:00

Hi OP, which car seat is it that you have?

Some of them are shorter than others. If it's one which was harnessed and you've taken the harness out, check whether you need to detach the headrest adjuster from the harness adjuster. Sometimes people miss that step with 123 seats.

Twinkie01 Wed 10-Feb-21 18:20:42

Thanks a lot guys will have a look at that one you've suggested.

Yes it is one that had a harness. I'll take it out and have a look if there is something stopping it going higher. Fantastic tip and could save us buying new car seats for our cars which at the moment is the last thing we need.

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BertieBotts Thu 11-Feb-21 18:48:22

If you can't find it or need help let me know the name of the seat and I'll see if I can find a video or instructions smile

CakeIsEternal Thu 11-Feb-21 18:53:41

You can still use booster seats. They can only be used for group 3 though. They used to be group 2 or 3.

When my son was 7, he was over 135cm tall so legally no longer required any sort of car seat. I didnt feel he was sturdy enough to not have any sort of boost, but he no longer fit in a car seat with a back. I just put him on a booster seat.

If your kid doesnt fit comfortably in a car seat with a back, then check her weight and seen if she is ok to use a booster seat without a back.

BertieBotts Thu 11-Feb-21 19:01:48

Yes but booster seats without a back are much less protective against side impacts, and at 125cm (ish) this child will fit into most high backed boosters, possibly including the one she is in, for a while yet. So while she could use a backless booster now, it would be better for her to stay in a full sized high back one.

CakeIsEternal Thu 11-Feb-21 19:08:00

Sorry. I scanned the post; didnt realise the OP had given the height! If she's under the 135cm, then even though she could use a backless, she should still be able to use a big proper one.

BertieBotts Thu 11-Feb-21 19:11:09

No worries smile We did the same with DS1 who is 12 now. Although actually a lot of HBBs that are out today accommodate children up to about 150cm which is brilliant! More protection for longer. Of course for older kids we were probably buying them several years ago to begin with :P

Twinkie01 Wed 17-Feb-21 09:36:09

BertieBots sorry still struggling. Have looked on back and pushed headrest as far as it can go upwards, the metal bar is in the highest position it looks like it can be.

We have a Britax Roma Advansafix III.

Thank you xxxx

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BertieBotts Wed 17-Feb-21 10:02:12

I've had a look and the instructions aren't very clear for this one unfortunately.

The metal bar part is for adjusting the headrest + harness when it's in harnessed mode. If you look up behind the headrest, there should be another squeeze type handle under there, which adjusts the headrest when it's in booster mode. It says you need to unlock it before use (?)

I've taken a screenshot of the clearest bit of the manual, hope it works.

BertieBotts Wed 17-Feb-21 10:02:37

If it's too small to read you can zoom on the PDF version here:

Twinkie01 Wed 17-Feb-21 12:52:51

That's fab thank you for taking the trouble. Got 2 of these so will save replacing them. X

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andrewflintoff Fri 05-Mar-21 08:04:49

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