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Infababy car seat

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Chez83 Mon 25-Jan-21 21:00:40

I am new to this and was wondering if anyone else has had a quality issue with their infababy car seat. Ours was bought as part of their travel system, of which I have currently had no more issues with so far. However after three months we have noticed a crack in the part of the car seat which holds the adult seat belt in place, on the side of the seat. Has anyone else had this problem as infababy are not wanting to replace/repair. Tia

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BertieBotts Wed 27-Jan-21 10:50:48

That's worrying! Maybe try trading standards or someone like Which? - I'd imagine that would be a very serious fault if you had an accident. Don't use the seat like that! Do you need low cost suggestions for a replacement?

Chez83 Wed 27-Jan-21 12:16:01

Thank u BertieBotts for ur reply. I will do that. We have a spare luckily and aren’t really out and about at the moment. I am still
Awaiting another reply from infababy as I wasn’t happy with their decision so we will see. What car seats would you recommend just out of interest, as we may need to buy another one at some point.

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BertieBotts Wed 27-Jan-21 13:11:04

Loads - totally depends on your situation, preferences, car and budget really grin

In general I would recommend car seats from a brand that specialises in car seats. The infant ones tend to be OK regardless even if they're from a pushchair company but as you've found some of them are produced to very cheap/low standards and it's pretty shocking that the company wouldn't respond to a complaint like yours as I'm sure some people would take that to mean they can still use the seat.

Brands that I trust are:

Maxi Cosi

Chez83 Thu 28-Jan-21 12:43:06

Thanks again for taking your time to reply and for your advice BertieBotts, it’s much appreciated. I will look into these brands when I get a new one, I have heard of maxi cosi but that’s about it lol but will bare all of them in mind. take care.

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Mylittlesandwich Thu 28-Jan-21 12:47:30

BertieBotts is the best and really helped me when it came to picking a seat for DS. If you have another infant carrier you can use the cheapest way to do it would probably be to max that out and then spend your money on a good next stage seat.

Chez83 Fri 29-Jan-21 15:46:27

Thanks Mylittlesandwich that’s great advice. You have both been very helpful thank u ☺️

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