To spin or not to spin?!

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Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:31:21

15 month old on 25th percentile and still fits in her infant carrier but probably not for too much longer.
I'd like rear facing with the option of forward facing.
Should we go for an up to 4 year one or the 12 year ones?
Spin or not?

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astridforty Sun 25-Oct-20 19:33:22

Definitely spin, makes it loads easier hoicking them in and out.

astridforty Sun 25-Oct-20 19:36:47

We got this one -

bloodywhitecat Sun 25-Oct-20 19:38:22

Spin! I have a 11 month old in a spin and a 6 month old in a non spin, spin is so much easier and kinder on my back.

FrancesFlute Sun 25-Oct-20 19:39:40

I'd pay extra for spin every time. Really really useful.

Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:40:03

Thanks @astridforty I've heard lots of good things about the Joie spin. I think it only goes up to 4 years doesn't it? Just wondering if it makes more sense to get one that fits until 12 (if they even exist as a spin)

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Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:40:38

Any other recommendations for spin ones?

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EasterIssland Sun 25-Oct-20 19:42:10

Not to spin. Those that will last you longer rear facing don’t spin. For me security of my child goes over how easy it’s for me to get him in/out

We’ve axkid minikid 2.0. If he continues being 25% centile doubt you’ll need any other

Blondiecub0109 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:43:16

Spin. We have a the Joie all ages one (non spin) as a spare at my parents and it’s a)a pain b) not great and not intuitive as to what insert you need at what stage (well it wasn’t for my mum who turned up at airport in high back booster mood for our then 16 month old). I also just don’t like the way it secures despite watching 100 YouTube videos on it. By comparison we have 2 Joie 360os and love them

Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:44:56

Thanks @EasterIssland that's useful to know. I'm guessing if you buy the Joie spin you would then need to buy another potentially fairly expensive seat for 5-12 years.
That's what I was thinking, does a 25kg rear facing seat exist that spins - probably not then by the sounds of it.

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Screwcorona Sun 25-Oct-20 19:45:17

Spin! I have joie spin 123 and its amazing

EasterIssland Sun 25-Oct-20 19:46:26


Thanks @EasterIssland that's useful to know. I'm guessing if you buy the Joie spin you would then need to buy another potentially fairly expensive seat for 5-12 years.
That's what I was thinking, does a 25kg rear facing seat exist that spins - probably not then by the sounds of it.

I don’t think they exist as the ones that go up to 25kg are rear facing only they’re solid with tethers to the front seat.

The ones that spin go rf up to 18kg only as that’s where isofix stops being secure.

Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:53:38

Ah I see. So I wonder if a seat up to 25kg exists that I s rear facing and forward facing?

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Babymamma192 Sun 25-Oct-20 20:08:42

Definitely spin! I bought dd the joie spin i-size and it's much easier to put her in the car now!
Also a couple of weeks after I bought it I found out I was having another baby so it saved me from having to struggle grin

JumpingJamboree Sun 25-Oct-20 20:21:41

I got a cosatto all in all rotate that should last DD until she is 12 years old and I really like it. Has extended rear facing too.

teaandlotusbiscoff Mon 26-Oct-20 06:17:13

Actually a spin seat that goes up to four is better in terms of safety—as harnessed seats tend to need to be more robust and fixed while booster seats need to be flexible. Good high back boosters can start at as little as £30! As PP have mentioned, Joie spin tends to be the most popular ; there’s actually four versions (regular spin, spin safe which can’t forward face, spin i-size and i-spin safe which is like the spin safe yet can’t forward face) smile

teaandlotusbiscoff Mon 26-Oct-20 06:19:33

Technically there is one seat that is rear facing and forward facing up to 25KG-diono radian. But apparently it’s really hard to fit and needs a top tether in forward facing. Unless you want to rear face until 6/7/8 I think an 18kg seat would be fine. Babyauto Dupla can also rear face to 18kg and forward face with harness to 25KG, but most are ERF seats so dont forward face

Alldayeveryday200 Mon 26-Oct-20 13:48:51

Thanks everyone. I'm on the hunt now for a spin seat up to 18kg then. (Will look at the Joie spin too)

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BertieBotts Mon 26-Oct-20 18:47:02

Defo not a seat up to 12 years. These seats never perform well in testing!

The spin seats are a good choice. Another good choice I'd put to you is a rear facing seat up to 25kg - these last longer than the spin seats. Here is a handy guide which covers 80-90% of children (those on the extreme ends of the growth charts will be outside of these estimates).

BertieBotts Mon 26-Oct-20 18:53:51

And YY, booster seats are much less expensive. Get a seat that will last you to an age you're happy to booster.

Travellingraspberry Mon 26-Oct-20 19:00:59

Spin! We've got/had a maxi cosi axiss fit for both our dc. Lasts until their around 3 years. A definite back saver!

Heyha Tue 27-Oct-20 21:33:47

Soooo....I have a similarly sized DD so am preparing myself ready to spot any bargains in the coming months for a new isofix for her dad's car (I have a Joie Tilt in mine as no isofix, which I don't like but it seems to be effective). Rear-facing spin to 18kg is my quest too! I can't decide if I want to have the option of forward facing or not- I know I want to rear face her to four but there's just that niggle of having the option to front face being useful, with no obligation to use it, if you see what I mean?

Alldayeveryday200 Wed 28-Oct-20 11:03:16

@Heyha same here. I will be looking for a forward facing option one. Just incase she really hates rear facing at some point but I also aim to keep her rear facing until 4 if possible.

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Heyha Wed 28-Oct-20 22:31:14

So I think I'm down to just deciding if the normal spin is ok or spending that bit more for the i-spin 🤷‍♀️

EekThreek Wed 28-Oct-20 22:42:41

Spin now, then high backed booster.

The thing I don't like about the 0-12 seats is that there isn't enough cocoon-ing when they're small, because the seat has to be built to accommodate a bigger child later; but then the seat is too narrow and the head rest doesn't go quite high enough to be comfortable at the upper end of the age limit.

We bought a couple of 0-12 seats for grandparents' cars, and my 10yo 135cm DD1 hasn't been able to fit in it for a good couple of years. 2yi DD2 is completely lost in it, but 5yo DS fits perfect with the seatbelt.

We got our spinny seat when they were a new thing, when DD1 was just turning 3. It's one of the best £400 we've ever spent on anything.

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