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360 from birth?

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peonyrose87 Tue 20-Oct-20 10:50:49

We're 21 weeks pregnant so just starting to look at car seats etc. I like the idea of buying a Joie 360 or similar as it lasts you much longer and the swivel function is something that will really benefit us.

Has anyone used these from birth? How practical is it? I've read some reports of baby's head not fitting in properly to begin with and others saying it's fine 🤷🏻‍♀️

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LittleMissLockdown Tue 20-Oct-20 10:54:09

We've got this car seat and have had no problems at all with our childs head lolling forwards or not fitting. We've had it since day one from when DS was just over 6 pounds and now 10 months later it's still proving to be a great car seat.

TwinMum89 Tue 20-Oct-20 10:56:51

We had it from day 1 with our twins. 6.4lbs and 6.3lbs when born. You can lay the seat down fairly flat when they are newborn/sleeping. Really good seat!

Foxinthechickencoop Tue 20-Oct-20 10:56:52

We started off with one of these from birth and a concord reverso in our other car. To be honest we weren’t happy with either and ended up with a trusty maxi cosy pebble infant carrier with isofix base.

Baby much happier and more secure. Can be moved from car to car simply and into pushchair.

Once she was about 9 months the 360 and concord are fantastic. But not for a tiny baby

Foxinthechickencoop Tue 20-Oct-20 10:58:34

Yep definitely head moving a lot from side to side, even with the new born inserts. The maxi cosi is much more secure.

Also when they fall asleep in the car it’s a pain lifting them out all the time (although obviously you can’t leave them sleeping in the maxi cosi for for thanksgiving half an hour I think)

Foxinthechickencoop Tue 20-Oct-20 10:58:57

For more than half an hour!

Boringnamechanging Tue 20-Oct-20 11:05:06

I think they'd always be a bit of a compromise for the smallest of babies because they fit a 4 year old it.

Personally I'd by a cheaper infant carrier for the first bit. The joie Juva is £40 and you can fit with the seat belt without buying a base. The infant car seats are easy to fit with a seatbelt and it's just as safe.

WilheldivaHater Tue 20-Oct-20 11:07:48

We have the 360 seat and absolutely love it. Used it straight away from birth and didn't find any problems with it when using the inserts.

peonyrose87 Tue 20-Oct-20 12:23:51

Thanks everyone!

We live in a flat two floors up so I can't see me carrying an infant car seat up and down the stairs often anyway, so I'm not fussed about it being permanently in the car. It was mostly the head lolling that worried me!

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Foxinthechickencoop Tue 20-Oct-20 13:26:14

I know this is hopefully unlikely to happen. But...
If you were to trip carrying the baby and drop her/him or fall yourself whilst climbing the stairs to the baby would likely be injured badly.
If it was strapped into an infant carrier and the handle up securely, it would be protected. As that’s what the seat is designed to do.
My midwife told me this as I was about to carry my baby down 2 flights of stairs at the GP surgery.

ForTheLoveOfDoughtnuts Tue 20-Oct-20 14:07:08

I've got this for my little girl but not till she grew out of the pebble plus. I'd have spent half my time stuck in the car if I couldn't take the car seat out while she was sleeping. Never managed to successfully move her while she was asleep.

BertieBotts Wed 21-Oct-20 07:19:17

If you have 2 flights of stairs that's where I'd generally recommend the infant carrier TBH! But perhaps a lightweight one. Particularly for winter - you shouldn't put babies in car seats in bulky winter clothing, as it prevents the straps from being nice and snug to their body, so it can be practical to get them sorted and tucked in with blankets (over the straps) in the house and carry to the car.

I think the point about dropping the baby on the stairs is a bit far fetched, though. A car seat is designed to protect babies from car crashes, not falls. And I've never heard of anybody dropping their baby on a flight of stairs anyway.

If you did want to use the 360 seat from newborn I wouldn't recommend all of them, they aren't all the same and they don't all have very good newborn support. The seats I'd recommend from newborn would be:

Joie spin seats (any of them) - but be aware it can be really hard to get the harness secure for a tiny baby as they don't have much of a neck and the pads on these seats are huge and seem to overwhelm them. If you choose this come back and I'll explain how to do it!

Maxi Cosi Mica - I recommend getting the in between insert (Maxi Cosi Pearl insert). It's a big change from newborn insert to nothing.

Recaro Zero 1 or Salia Elite - both Elite versions come with an infant carrier portion that clicks in and out of the main seat. Very high in car so no good if you have a smaller opening on your car door.

Besafe izi Turn / izi Twist - extra recommended if you have very angled back seats.

Axkid One+ - doesn't spin but will take you up to 125cm (about 6/7 years) rear facing. Again OK for angled back seats.

The last three options are expensive, but perhaps not more so than buying an infant seat + base and then a second seat up to 4/6 years, depending on which you chose.

Another option is to look at "modular" systems i.e. one base which takes an infant seat up to 75/85cm (about 10-20 months) and then later a toddler seat up to 105cm (about 4 years).

The disadvantage with both 0-4 years seats and modular systems is if you have another baby within 4 years they can't both use the seat at the same time. However you could then buy a larger seat for the older child.

WRT head flop - you would want to go in and check the angle of your back seats in your car. If they are any steeper than about 5-10 degrees you have to remember that means in rear facing mode the whole seat is tilted forwards by that amount so the baby can end up almost vertical in some cars/seats, and that isn't good for them at all. This isn't only an issue for 0-4 years seats, it can also be an issue for infant carry type seats, especially those installed on a base. A couple of bases have the option to tilt to counteract this kind of angle. Of the 0-4 seats, the Besafe and Axkid both have features which allow them to counteract tilted rear seats.

If you did decide to look at some carry seats instead/as well these would be the lightweight ones I'd recommend:

Joie i-Snug
Nuna Pipa Next
Avionaut Ultralite (sold as Venicci Ultralite in UK)
Maxi Cosi Cabriofix (nb this is an older seat and doesn't compare to more modern ones for safety/features, even though much loved and recommended)
Maxi Cosi Coral - has a shell you leave in the car and internal part you carry around.

peonyrose87 Wed 21-Oct-20 08:51:20

@BertieBotts thank you! That's such a good and informative reply! I was planning on using a sling for the stairs, I have fibromyalgia and was advised to use a sling to minimise the weight I'm carrying but you do have such a good point about getting baby cosy in the car seat at home. If my partner is with me that's totally doable!

I was looking at the joie spin, but will have a look at the others you've suggested, even if they're for a bit further down the line!

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BertieBotts Wed 21-Oct-20 11:29:49

Aah OK, yes, I see what you mean. Then a permanent seat from the list of the first 5 would probably work fine. They will be cosy enough in a sling.

Alldayeveryday200 Sun 25-Oct-20 19:36:47

I would 100% recommend getting an infant carrier at first! When they are tiny they inevitably fall asleep most car journeys and it is so much easier taking the car seat out and bringing it indoors than having to get them out the seat everytime. Even when LO was 5/6 months she always fell asleep after one of our classes every week so I'd bring her inside in that and quickly make lunch etc. Never managed many successful transfers by getting her out the seat from car! Also when we took her to family etc I just took the car seat in when she was small and was nice and cosy for her and she chilled in that for a bit sometimes before getting out.

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