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My toddler is so scrunched up in cosattoallinall

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Lottiebugz22 Thu 27-Aug-20 12:50:38

How do I alter this bloody seat? She's just thrown up in the car and it's like her legs are up high and her stomach is all scrunch in it. The car seat in just on an angle. I can't find instructions anywhere.

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RedRumTheHorse Thu 27-Aug-20 12:53:45

RedRumTheHorse Thu 27-Aug-20 12:55:04

The manual should be on their website

BertieBotts Sun 30-Aug-20 09:51:36

Oh bless her poor thing. Is she rear facing or forward facing, how big/old is she?

There is only the one recline position for rear facing. It doesn't have as much leg room rear facing as some other RF seats.

You should be able to adjust the harness height and the position of the head support.

Depending on which version of the All in All you have, some of them the harness adjustment is done by unhooking the harness from the metal yoke at the back of the seat, finding the right holes in the seat shell and rethreading it on at the correct height, in others you move the headrest up and down and this adjusts the harness. I'm afraid I don't know offhand how to change the headrest height, but normally there is either a button or a ring pull type thing on the top of the head support or occasionally a button underneath it which you have to feel through the fabric.

The headrest should be above her shoulders, as close as touching is OK, not too high above though. No more than a finger or two between the shoulders and bottom of headrest. A harness should come out of the seat level with the shoulders, if you're between slots, it's OK for it to be slightly above for forwards facing or slightly below for rearwards facing.

If you send an email to Cosatto they should send you a copy of the manual.

Lottiebugz22 Sun 30-Aug-20 10:43:17

Thank you.
It's on the most upright position but the seat is so deep it's too slanted so I've had to put a little cushion under her which makes the world of difference. She's 20 months old. Wondering if it's the shape of the actual backseat of the car now because that's quite deep and angled.

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BertieBotts Sun 30-Aug-20 12:13:01

Is she rear facing or forward facing? Some back seats in cars can be really slanted which can cause a problem with car seats unfortunately.

Have you had any luck with trying to move the harness and/or headrest height?

Is the cushion you've used one which came with the car seat? I can't recommend you use any other kind of cushion unfortunately because this creates too much slack in the harness meaning she'd likely be thrown out of the seat in an accident, which you obviously don't want!

BertieBotts Sun 30-Aug-20 21:02:58

Don't worry, I'm not going to give you a lecture about car seat direction, it's just it changes the advice as to how you use it/give the child enough space. smile

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