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Seat Ibiza / Ickle Bubba car seat

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LucyAndrewpd Tue 28-Jul-20 10:56:56

We are looking into getting an “ickle bubba” car seat (part of their stomp v4 rang I believe). Does anyone know if it will fit in a 2015 Seat Ibiza?
I’m new to all this!
Thankyou x

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teaandlotusbiscoff Tue 28-Jul-20 16:35:51

If you fit it with a seatbelt then it should be fine. Infant carriers are very universal. smile

Hayley94 Thu 10-Sep-20 07:40:48

Do you have the isofix? I'm looking to buy a seat Ibiza toca and wondering the same! X

BertieBotts Fri 11-Sep-20 20:11:14

Their website just says it is a standard size so should fit any car with isofix points. As a 2015 car yours will have those.

I would recommend asking the shop if you can try it in your vehicle if possible. Angles of rear car seats can vary so much and if the seat is too angled it can cause a poor position for the baby in the car.

Alternatively you could look into getting the car seat adapters for the Stomp which then give you access to a range of branded seats, these are often better than the generic ones for newborn positioning and fitting options.

Hayley94 Sat 12-Sep-20 07:36:59

Just letting you know I tested it yesterday and it does fit x

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