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When did your child outgrow the Joie360?

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YellowEllis Sat 04-Jul-20 11:49:03

Just trying to decide whether to get it or not! Want to get my moneys worth

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Proudpeacock Sat 04-Jul-20 11:52:57

Just before his 4th birthday. He is 90th centile for height and weight though so smaller children would get a bit longer. We liked it especially as our car is quite small and we are old so not as bendy!

Snailsetssail Sat 04-Jul-20 11:55:16

My 3 year old (4 in October) is still using his. He is tall for his age but around 50th weight.

CountFosco Sat 04-Jul-20 11:55:55

Surely it'll depend on height and weight? So if you and his other parent are both tall then you'll need it for less time than if you are a short family.

newphoneswhodis Sat 04-Jul-20 12:02:40

My 4 year old is still in hers. She's heavy but not tall.

SuddenArborealStop Sat 04-Jul-20 12:06:35

2! It probably had more to do with available space in the car, both front seats need to be quite far back and we ran out of leg room.

BertieBotts Sun 05-Jul-20 06:55:28

I researched this a lot and it seems to be outgrown at around 110cm height (so, around when they outgrow age 4-5 clothing) and of course the weight limit is 18kg which must not be exceeded. So if you look along your child's red book, see what centile line they are on now and follow this up to see when they will reach this approximate height/weight, you can get an idea (I recommend +/- 3 months in your estimate) of what age they will be when outgrowing it.

However, my 22 month old is already on the 4th or 5th headrest setting of 6. He is 91st + centile and about 90cm tall.

It would be useful if people saying what age their DC outgrew could say rough height/weight/centile or even clothing size (if you remember!) smile

If you think your child will outgrow it early, you might be better off with a seat which goes up to 25kg, such as the Britax Max Way Plus or Axkid Move/Minikid. You get about 2-3 years extra out of them compared with the 18kg isofix seats.

Snailsetssail Sun 05-Jul-20 07:08:13

My 3 year old still using it is in age 3-4 or 4-5 clothing and weighs 16kg. He has the headrest on the highest so it won’t last much longer but I expect another 6 months maybe. He will be moving into a Joie Bold anyway next month as his 16 month old sister needs the 360.

Minnie888 Sun 05-Jul-20 07:23:28

3. He hadn't reached height or weight limits but it is such a big seat we also ran out of leg room! Much more comfy for him now in a Britax 123 seat. I would say resale is good on them if the spin version (to friends or family) and so you should get some money back.

BertieBotts Sun 05-Jul-20 07:29:23

Curious to those saying no leg room - did you not then turn it forwards? Or did you need the seat for a younger sibling? Just wondering as I put ours forward the other day in a car wash and didn't like the angle he was sat at at all - perhaps it's better with an older child. Legs seem fine here for now.

Minnie888 Sun 05-Jul-20 07:44:41

Leg room issue was forward facing for me. As the seat is so bulky it wasn't long before legs were up against the seat in front (and that seat was pulled forward!). Rear facing was also an issue around aged 2.

Snailsetssail Sun 05-Jul-20 07:54:04

We turned ours at 2.5 and never had an issue with leg room. It is installed in a big car though.

BertieBotts Sun 05-Jul-20 18:45:43

Aah yeah, I see what you mean, it is bulky like that compared to a forward facing only seat. I hadn't thought about that with the 360 ones.

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