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Joie stages + Ford Focus

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riotlady Sun 14-Jun-20 22:02:46

Hi smile I’ve had a joie stages since my daughter was born as I wanted a car seat that would last and that would do extended rear facing. I recently bought my first car (2010 Ford Focus) and was shocked to find it doesn’t fit! There’s enough room but the seatbelt is nowhere near long enough when rear facing.

According to the instructions, the seat needs to be at recline 4 when used rear facing, no matter how old the child is. If I put it to incline 3 (more uptight) I can fit the seatbelt round and everything feels stable. My other option would be to turn her round to forward face but that feels less safe.

I can of course also buy a new car seat but another £200 or so would be a real struggle for us and I couldnt do it until Tuesday and need to take her to nursery tomorrow.

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BertieBotts Sun 14-Jun-20 22:11:13

You definitely need to have it on recline 4. It could tip up if it's on recline 3. The recline is part of how it fits safely.

Have you tried this short belt method? It sounds like there might be just enough room to do this.

EsmesRedPetticoat Sun 14-Jun-20 22:13:13

We have had this problem with Ford Focus. We got a little seatbelt extender from eBay which worked fine and wasn’t expensive.

BertieBotts Sun 14-Jun-20 22:13:31

Short belt method is from 2:22 onwards.

BertieBotts Sun 14-Jun-20 22:16:33

The seatbelt extenders aren't safe to use, they can come apart if you have a crash. If you're still using that I'd try the short belt method and get rid of the extender.

riotlady Sun 14-Jun-20 22:19:06

I have tried the short belt method, that’s how I’ve got it in other cars but nothing doing here. I guess I’m going to have to turn it round to forward facing.

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BertieBotts Sun 14-Jun-20 22:22:30

Ah sad Yes I think so in that case. That would be the only safe way to do it. What about trying it in the front? Can you disable the airbag?

riotlady Sun 14-Jun-20 22:25:17

@BertieBotta absolutely no idea, will have to google! Not sure if the front seatbelts are actually any longer, I might give that a go tomorrow

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BertieBotts Sun 14-Jun-20 22:38:21

Do you have the manual for the car? It might say in there. I know in ours (not Ford) there's a little switch inside the glove compartment which you turn with the key.

The good thing about the front is you can move the seat back to get more room in the seatbelt. As long as the seatbelt is still anchoring the car seat down and back you can do this.

Otherwise if you end up needing to get another seat I can look up what's available for a bit less money for you. You can get quite a few rear facing seats for less than £200 although hopefully you won't need to buy one at all! How old and heavy is your DD?

Another thought, if you have any other seats available e.g. One in grandparents car, maybe you can swap?

PARKS225 Sun 14-Jun-20 22:50:27

My daughter just got this car seat and struggled to get it her focus. I read up about it and Ford are notorious for having short seat belts.
Anyway I managed to get hers to fit it's a struggle but it's in.
So I pushed the front seat forward and pushed the back down, got in and pushed the baby seat with my knees and the seatbelt fit. It's a bit fiddly to get the seatbelt into the gaps on baby seat, I worked up a sweat lol.

riotlady Mon 15-Jun-20 12:22:32

@BertieBotts yes, I’ve found the manual! Going to have a go getting it in the front after work. I’ve read that being in the front is less safe than being in the back, and obv forward facing is less safe than rear facing, but I’m not sure how to weigh up rear facing in the front vs forward facing in the back? I think I probably will end up getting a new car seat eventually because I’ll be worrying about it either way

DD is 2 years old and about 2 stone I think. We don’t have any other car seats available, I just learnt to drive and this is my first car so before that we were just chucking the joie stages into other people’s cars when we got a lift anywhere. I’ve managed to get in some quite small cars so I was shocked when I couldnt get it in this one!

Thank you so much for all your help, you’ve been very kind smile

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BertieBotts Mon 15-Jun-20 15:55:22

According to this Swedish (relevant because they ERF routinely) car seat website, the only dangerous thing about being in the front is the airbag, so if you turn it off, then it's no more dangerous than the back. In fact it may be safer as the structure of the car will be stronger/reinforced.

BertieBotts Mon 15-Jun-20 15:57:31

Actually this is a slightly better article

riotlady Mon 15-Jun-20 17:54:45

I managed to get it in the back!!! I saw a couple of people saying they had managed it with a lot of pressure and wriggling so summoned DP out to help me. Thank you everyone for the advice x

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BertieBotts Mon 15-Jun-20 19:50:50

Oh! Amazing! smile

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