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Joie Stages (not everystage)

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UnderTheBus Sun 31-May-20 22:33:05

I was wondering if anyone can help me with safety info on the Joie Stages 0+/1/2 seat, either isofix or not. Everything I find is about the every stage which is different! Does anyone have experience with the Joie stages?

For context:
I have a 3yo who is happily ERF in a joie spin, but will outgrow soonish, and 10 week old in infant carrier which doesnt seem to be comfy for her. I was considering putting the baby in the Stages RF until 3yo grows out of Spin. Then putting baby in the Spin and 3yo in Stages FF. Any opinions would be great smile

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BertieBotts Mon 01-Jun-20 17:25:53

There's no independent safety testing result for that seat, so no way of telling basically.

Rear facing is always very safe regardless of the seat, so it ought to be absolutely fine rear facing. Forward facing, it's just a very basic seatbelt fitted seat. It's nice and deep for side impacts, and it will have passed the legal minimum tests. But actually if she is happy RF in the Spin, and is not yet 18kg, you could just put her RF in the Stages until she reaches 18kg.

As a high backed booster it's not all that tall, so you'll need to buy another one at some point anyway. So it might be best to get a well rated booster right from the start if you're unsure about the performance of the Stages as a booster seat.

It mainly depends on whether you're wanting to use it as a forward facing harnessed seat, or a high backed booster seat.

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