Stokke izi go modular in a Babyzen yoyo?

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KVFZ Mon 06-Apr-20 18:15:49

Hello, does anybody know if the stokke izi go modular can fit on the babyzen yoyo stroller if I purchase the car seat adapters? I have found no info online listing the stokke car seat as compatible, but I know that be safe makes an izi go modular for babyzen which sounds exactly the same to me. I've already got the babyzen stroller and my friend has offered to give me her nearly new stokke izi go car seat, so would love to take her up on the offer and not have to buy a brand new one! All I could find online was a mention on a blog post which seemed to indicate it could work.

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BertieBotts Wed 08-Apr-20 17:19:46

I don't think so, unfortunately - IIRC the Stokke seat is made to go onto the Stokke pram without adapters, whereas the Besafe one works with the more common "maxi cosi" or multi-brand adapters.

Send an email to Besafe to see what they say, but I'm fairly sure it is different. It's the only difference in the two seats.

You could get your friend to take a photo of the bit of the pram she clicks the seat into - if it's a maxi cosi adapter then it will be identifiable, just look at the tops of other maxi cosi adapters for various prams online.

KVFZ Thu 09-Apr-20 19:23:30

Thanks for your reply! I have emailed be safe but not holding out hope for a speedy response in the midst of this friend took a video of her stokke pram for me today and it’s tough to tell. But I fear you might be right. I’ll hold off on ordering the BabyZen adapters until i hear back from be safe (baby is due next month) so I have a bit of time and we have the newborn kit for the pram anyway.

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