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Which car seat shall I get??

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Carmen86 Mon 04-May-20 09:48:22

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BertieBotts Wed 08-Apr-20 20:26:29

Do you want rear facing or forward facing? Rear facing is much safer, but can be tricky in a 3-door car. Actually, one way to make it easier is to use a spin car seat, the Britax Dualfix one is meant to be particularly good for this as the button to release the spin is situated on the base so you can reach it even from the front of a 3-door car! But other than this the spin function is quite unnecessary, as you say.

The other big question, after direction, is whether you have isofix fittings in your car, or whether you would need a car seat secured by seatbelt. And if you do have isofix, do you know whether you have top tether? Both of these things will increase your options for seats.

How old is your little one at the moment and is he big for his age, small for his age or about average? If height/weight is easier that works as well smile

And lastly, do you have a budget?

As a general recommendation if you want a rear facing seat, it doesn't much matter (on a safety basis) which one you get but you would want to look at the weight or height limit of the rear facing mode on it as this will dictate how long you can use it rear facing for. Other than this just look at practical features and price etc.

If you decide on a forward facing seat it becomes much more important to look at the safety ratings of the seat you're choosing. Which? or ADAC can be good places to look for safety ratings. Just avoid the shield type seats - they tend to perform well on safety testing (so they end up high up in these lists) but not so much in real life crashes. Britax seats always do well and are a good bet if you don't have time to look through all of the results, but they are not the only good brand out there.

I'd also recommend if you're moving to a forward facing seat that you make sure you use the infant seat right to capacity - check you're moving the straps up when necessary (there's a little compartment on the back of the Silver Cross to do this), pulling baby right down to the crotch buckle and use it until their head starts to poke over the end or they reach the max weight, whichever happens first smile And if you choose an i-size seat for the next stage baby will need to be at least 15 months old before they face forwards, by law. This is also good advice even if you don't get an i-size seat (and better, 18m or as long as you can reasonably keep them rear facing).

If you're moving to a rear facing or combination seat, you can move whenever you feel the new seat will be more comfortable.

Mugs2000 Mon 06-Apr-20 12:22:13

So I’ve got some time yet however my little boy will soon be needed a bigger seat seat. At the minute he’s in the silver cross travel system car seat. I’ve been looking at many different ones but can’t seem to find a good one which isn’t 360 swivel. I don’t need this as I have a 3 door car so would be pointless. Just wondering if anyone could advise me on a safe and reputable car seat many thanks

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