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Car accident replacement car seats

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Carys123 Tue 10-Mar-20 08:35:49

Thank you, that's a great help.

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CannotGoOn Mon 09-Mar-20 20:49:30

No you don't have to buy the same one. I've been in 2 accidents and had to replace both times.
I purchased the car seat and sent them in the receipt - they reimbursed me for the cost.
Both times I got a different car seat as a newer, safer one had come out

Carys123 Mon 09-Mar-20 20:47:23

I was in a car accident last week. Thankfully my dd was not in the car. The other party has admitted liability and the insurance company has agreed to replace my dd's car seat. I've seen a plus tested car seat for £11 more than my current seat. Just wondering if insurance companies require you to buy the same car seat? Advice would be greatly appreciated.

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