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Carseat for grandparents car

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Primrose89 Wed 19-Feb-20 22:57:37

Hi, just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a rear facing seat that will fit my mums 3 door 2014 corsa? For a 1 year old. Budget about £100max as it's the 3rd seat we will have to buy.


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BertieBotts Thu 20-Feb-20 08:11:02

Hi, the only rear facing seats you'll get for under £100 are the Joie seatbelt fitted range smile

Joie Tilt, Joie Steadi, possibly Joie Stages (sometimes this is just at £100).

You can buy these fairly widely, Halfords/Smyths tend to carry them so I would recommend she takes the car to a branch and you can try the seats out for fitting to see which is the best in terms of stability, avoiding buckle crunch (where the seatbelt buckle rests on the plastic) and room for the front passenger.

The Tilt has quite a short shell so may also be worth taking the baby to try them out in the seats and see how much growing room they have too.

Primrose89 Thu 20-Feb-20 08:50:26

Thanks, I thought it might just be the Joie range but wanted to double check! We have a joie stages that I was able to get for another car for £78 (staff discount and it was £99 to begin with) but I cant seem to find it for less than £120 at the minute! Will keep my eye out.

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BertieBotts Thu 20-Feb-20 08:57:31

Yep, if you can wait until May you'll find more sales. Not many sales on at the moment.

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