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Joie 360 spin OR Joie 360 i-spin

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owenparry1 Tue 18-Feb-20 20:54:07

Any advice on the Joie 360 spin car seat? I am wandering if I’m doing the right thing by buying the 360 spin (£199) compared to the Joie 360 i-spin (£280) I feel bad because I think the i-spin is safer due to the i-size safety regulations... has anyone got the standard Joie spin and are happy enough with it of should I just buy the i-size one to save me worrying?

Thanks ....

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chrestomamci Tue 18-Feb-20 21:07:42

We have the 360'spin. Not sure the I-size was available when we brought ours last year anyway it's fantastic. We've been using since 9ish months and our now 20 month old loves it.

Planning to get another one once baby outgrown a her infant carrier

BertieBotts Wed 19-Feb-20 05:10:14

The side impact protection is much better on the i-spin. You can compare the safety results here:

The pages are in German but you can use google chrome to translate.

We have the original, although a Germany only version with the side wings added from the i-spin, and I'm happy with it. I think it's a fantastic seat for the price. If you have the budget for the i-spin, I would compare to Britax Dualfix and Cybex Sirona as these are similar seats and also good. You could also look at the Joie Spin Safe which is a version of the original with added side wings and the forward facing option removed. That's £250 so in between the two. But if you only have the budget for the original, rest assured it's one of the safest things you can get for the money.

Chresto - before you buy a second spin it's worth investigating 25kg seats. While the spin seats are fantastic, especially for the age your DD is now, unless your eldest is very small for her age she's likely to feel a bit cramped in it by 3 and some children outgrow them totally before 4 which is very young to be moving into a booster seat. You also don't want/need to spin them in a seat at this age, as they are heavier and more able to climb up themselves. Many parents feel more comfortable with the option of keeping their child in a harness or even rear facing for longer and these seats are around the same price smile You could move your elder one to a larger seat and the baby to the spin. Forward facing 25kg seats for example are Joie Bold, BabyAuto Duallo, Maxi Cosi Beryl. Rear facing 25kg seats are Britax Max-Way, Axkid Move, Axkid Minikid. (And more)

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