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Joie I-Level - anyone got one?

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girlrunningoncheese Sun 02-Feb-20 13:04:47

Baby is due in May so I'm researching car seats and travel systems and finding it all a bit baffling...

We had semi-decided on Joie I-Level with the Versatrax travel system. Like the idea of the near-full recline and being able to plonk it straight into the pram chassis. Also we intend to visit family who are 5-6 hours away in the first few months (disclaimer - I know it doesn't recline completely and the usual rules re newborns in car seats will still apply!)

Some reviews suggest that the snug headrest soon gets too tight for a lot of babies. Does anyone have any experience of this?

We were also going to buy a second isofix base so we can switch the seat between our 2 cars when needed.

Is there another make or system we should be considering instead? The Joie option should be about £750 all in so that's the budget really.

Thanks! smile

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beenaa Tue 24-Mar-20 22:02:50

A bit old this post now but we had one for our wee boy before he was born and I lasted 3 days with it before getting a maxi cosi pebble plus. His head was so squished he sat half way down the car seat it was horrific. I took it into mothercare to show them and they told me to go straight to joie and report it as they were shocked how awful it was when it got such good ratings. Steer clear if you haven't got it!

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