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Kcoffecakebubs Sun 02-Feb-20 08:07:01

Hi, anyone heard of this seat or know if there any reviews /tests of it? Haven't come across it when searching. Thanks

Reebaby Swan C-Sips 360 Spin Group 0+123 Isofix Car Seat

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Kcoffecakebubs Sun 02-Feb-20 08:07:19

Can't seem to make the link work?!

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 02-Feb-20 09:12:56

I've never heard of it so it's very likely to be a cheap own brand seat, probably made by Nania who have a terrible reputation for car seats.

It also doesn't look great because only rear faces to 13kg which is the same as an infant carrier. I wouldn't recommend it. You can get much better seats than this.

Kcoffecakebubs Sun 02-Feb-20 10:02:25

@teaandbiscuitsforme thank you!

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BertieBotts Tue 04-Feb-20 12:52:08

No definitely don't buy. It's a bit of a con because it needs the top tether to install, but then you have to unfix the top tether to revolve or recline the seat! So that would do your head in and you'd probably end up leaving it half uninstalled most of the time which would be incredibly dangerous. It's also a budget Chinese brand and these often perform poorly in independent safety testing, though that particular model hasn't been tested by any of the panels.

If you are on a tight budget for car seats I would recommend Britax or Joie. But can give more detailed recommendations if you want to share your child's age, weight and height and any other requirements, budget etc smile

thetoddleratemyhomework Tue 04-Feb-20 12:54:04


Can I have recommendations please? I have a very tall just 2 yo daughter - nearly 100cm now. She is looking quite squashed in rear facing maxi cosi 2 way pearl. Would love to have a recommendation as to what to do next.

BertieBotts Tue 04-Feb-20 13:03:51

Do you want to keep her rear facing or go forward facing? You will probably want to look at seats which go up to 25kg either way, as this will give her much more room. You have options for both at a variety of budget points, but where to buy them varies.

thetoddleratemyhomework Tue 04-Feb-20 13:19:38

Rear facing is safer so that would be ideal - could put her front facing in current seat to solve the issue for a bit, but want to know what else is out there as I'm not sure I should make the choice on purely cost grounds if I have the money to buy another

BertieBotts Tue 04-Feb-20 13:36:43

Yep absolutely, makes sense.

The first thing to know is that 25kg seats = no isofix any more, unfortunately. Also, due to their size and the weight of child they have to support, they all fit using lower tethers. This is a little more complicated than the car seats you may have fitted before, but only needs to be done once and can then be left in place, or you can buy fixings to screw into the car which allow you to clip the tethers on and off easily. For this reason it's generally recommended to seek out a retailer in person who can help you fit it the first time, but there are plenty of video tutorials etc if you do need to buy online and some of the physical retailers offer online sales with phone support too.

Since you generally have to source 25kg rear facing seats from a specialist anyway, I will direct you first to this list:

And if there is nothing near you on that list, I'd look here:

If you are still out of luck, you might have to buy online.

There are only a few makes of 25kg rear facing seat:

Axkid - as linked - probably the current "favourite" in the ERF world. Their Minikid seat is pretty impressive as it has a self-tightening harness and self-tightening tethers making install easier, and the seats look nice, comfy and modern. They also have good side impact protection. The minikid is pricey but they have a budget version too - the Axkid Move - about half the price with fewer swish features, but just as much safety.

Besafe - Once pretty much the only ERF seat you could buy. Good reputation/quality but expensive.

Britax - you have probably heard of them already. The only British ERF manufacturer to 25kg! (Most of their ERF models are made in Germany/Sweden.) They have a few different models. The Two Way Elite which is a very lightweight and the lowest cost option, but is bare bones compared with modern seat designs, and only available from the In Car Safety Centre. The Max-Way and Max-Way Plus are the next step up - I really like these seats, they look comfortable and modern too and the Plus has good side impact protection. Doesn't look so "alien" as some ERF seats do. They also have Multi-Tech (similar to Evolva but rear facing) and Hi-Way. I don't know much about them.

Diono - a newcomer, American brand, one seat available - Radian 5. It can go forward facing as well which some like but it's complicated to fit and smaller than some other 25kg seats, so less good for tall children. It can fold and is plane approved, but is heavy due to the steel frame.

Klippan - A Finnish brand, known for making the largest and longest lasting seats so if you want to maximise your RF time this is the brand to look at, but the seats are very clunky looking and heavy and tend to be more expensive.

Kcoffecakebubs Tue 04-Feb-20 14:08:28

Thank you. DS is getting weighed and measured again tomorrow, so I'll post back then!

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thetoddleratemyhomework Tue 04-Feb-20 20:49:14


Thank you so much that is super helpful

Kcoffecakebubs Thu 06-Feb-20 14:01:52

@BertieBotts, so had him weighed and measured. He's 26lb 6oz and 77cm tall at 9 months, 99th centile for both. I appreciate this means I'm likely going to be recommended to get a 25kg ERF seat, but we have looked into these and it's not what we want. I appreciate that rear facing is safer, but the seats available will just not be practical for us. We don't live close enough to any specialist centre to test them/get installed, and I'm not comfortable ordering online then trying ourselves with tethers etc (if it doesn't work, difficult getting refund if used, plus not confident with tethers et, and we need to be able to move the seat to different positions easily for different drivers).

Based on this I'd like recommendations. Budget is £180 max ideally. I would prefer Isofix for installation ease, and am thinking of a 360 seat for now. I know that Isofix is only to 18kg, but I'm thinking the 360 may help get him in and out at the moment? He's obviously a heavy baby, and very wriggly, so it's becoming a bit of a nightmare trying get him in the infant carrier sideways without sort of throwing him in! Plus it's physically difficult with the size of him, thinking being able to get him in facing the door may help?

Open to other suggestions too. Will keep rear facing until at least reaches the 18kg limit. But then obviously we will have to see what's available after that. Thanks in advance

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FairfaxAikman Thu 06-Feb-20 14:18:42

I had a 360 and tbh my Axkid is just as easy, if not more so, for getting DS in as the sides are lower.

Rear Facing Toddlers has the AxKid Move on sale at around your budget.

Kcoffecakebubs Thu 06-Feb-20 15:04:04

Appreciate the response, but as I said. We are not looking for a 25kg rf seat

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FairfaxAikman Thu 06-Feb-20 15:11:51

Fair enough. I just know one of the concerns some people have is ease of access.

BertieBotts Fri 07-Feb-20 13:52:32

Sorry, wasn't ignoring you, just had tired couple of days!

I quite understand and we did the same thing. DS2 is also 99th centile for height which is an issue. We got the Joie 360 Spin partly because it was one of the cheaper ones, but partly because the shell is said to be tall and he is already on the 3rd or 4th headrest setting (out of 6) and he is only 17 months. So as long as you're aware you're not likely to get to 4 in it, that's all I'd want someone to know before buying. I haven't decided yet whether after this we'll go forward facing with harness or ERF to 25kg. I did see the Britax Max Way in the flesh and really liked it, but we decided we wanted the spin feature and better recline more, at least for now.

The 18kg ones do take up more space front to back as well which is worth noting, but I can get a click or two more out of the front seat if DS2's seat is upright than I could with his infant seat, so that's better.

As always, best to try seats in your car if you can. Smyths and Halfords tend to have a good selection, you can also try searching Britax or Maxi Cosi's website for stockists as those are the two most popular brands in the UK and most easy to find.

OK so spin seats up to £180 is tricky. If you can hold off until May you might find there are sales again. At the moment, everything seems to be close to RRP, so £200 is more likely.

Cuggl Owl Spin is Nania Revo, which is only RF up to 13kg and has a safety warning on Which? - I am not subscribed so can't read in full, but would not recommend.

Migo/Osann One 360 (And I think the MyBabiie seat is the same one) - I'm unsure about. It is RF to 18kg, and spins. Other Migo seats have been safety tested and do OK, not great, but OK. But Migo (and Osann) are part of TeamTex/Nania who I in general don't trust at all - they have several extremely poorly-performing seats which they have simply withdrawn and then brought out the exact same seat in a new colour and a new name! So it's tricky to keep an eye on what they are doing and I don't think it's very honest or safety-centric. In the product video of this seat as well, it looked unstable. It's only £160/170, and I can't find any outright warnings about it, but those are the only two positives I can see. If you decide to get it I would be cautious about the booster seat mode and check belt fit.

Cosatto All in All - no independent safety reviews, and not spin, but RF to 18kg with isofix for £165. I would say be aware the booster seat mode may not be the best, and seats which encompass all groups generally don't seem to perform as well on safety.

Britax Dualfix 2R is currently on sale at Boots in just one colour but is out of stock (they have a note saying more coming soon) £175.

To be aware of with Dualfix is that the original models were very short in the shell. I would check this, as I don't know if the 2R is one of the original or improved shell versions. If you can find one somewhere to try out. Elsewhere/in other colours, it's £225.

You can get the original Dualfix for £199 on Uber kids, but that definitely has the shorter shell.

Smyths carry some BabyAuto seats. This is a newer brand to the UK market and they mostly trade in Spain. They are a budget make with some seats looking more sturdy than others, but no independent safety tests on them. I would use one - I am likely to get one as a spare for when we visit relatives in Spain. You could look at Infinity Fix which is rear facing up to 18kg, unfortunately not spin though, and needs top tether but it's only £150. Seems they are out of stock in plenty of areas so you might be stuck.

Another BabyAuto one to look at would be BabyAuto Dupla - that's rear facing up to 18kg and also forward facing to 25kg with harness, which is a plus for a tall child. Again, no spin, and it needs top tether (to forward face after 18kg), and you have to seatbelt + isofix it in rear facing mode, which looks a bit annoying. This one is only £140 but isn't in stock yet, you can preorder at Smyths.

There is a Cozy n Safe seat - I don't know much about this brand other than they are a budget make and I think based in China. Merlin - a bit over your budget at £189 but available at Halfords.

Joie 360 spin is usually around this price or under, but currently is £199 everywhere. As it's available at some big retailers, you might be able to find some kind of £X when you spend £Y code. You want to check the fit in your car. It's perfect in ours but in some it has terrible wobble and rattle.

Then you've got seatbelt fitted 0-18kg rear facing seats, all of which are under £180:
Joie Tilt (short in shell)
Joie Steadi
Joie Stages
Joie Every Stage/Verso (does not do great in testing)
Graco Slimfit (possibly suffers from same "all stages" seat problem)

Would also avoid Lionelo and other random, unknown brands you can only find on sites like Amazon, Ebay and so on as these are going even further into the realms of dodgy and some may even be counterfeit/not actually meet standards.

Kcoffecakebubs Fri 07-Feb-20 14:02:28

@BertieBotts, wow! That has been so helpful! I definitely have something to go on now, I just found it so confusing trying to find out all the info on the different seats. I think we might plump for the Joie360 if we can get it for the right price, in the grand scheme of things another £20 isnt going to put it off the list, it also seems like we can probably go and test this one in a Halfords too which would be a plus. It's also nice to hear someone with a high centile child has had it and it works for you!

Again, really appreciate your time with this, it's really made it easier for me! Now I best get looking as he's going to be over the baby carrier limit before I know it! 🙈

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Kcoffecakebubs Fri 07-Feb-20 14:05:49

Boots have a 10% off code at the moment which brings the Joie360 to £179.99 too!

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BertieBotts Fri 07-Feb-20 14:46:12

Oh great smile Glad to hear it was helpful.

I would defo try and compare it to the Dualfix 2R if you can. That's a good deal and the side impact is much better in the dualfix than the Joie. The reason we didn't go for that is we're in Germany and I couldn't get one for under €400 shock If it doesn't come back into stock or turns out it's much shorter then the Joie atleast is there as a backup.

Kcoffecakebubs Fri 07-Feb-20 15:10:54

Thank you, I'll investigate

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