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shaunthesheeep Sat 25-Jan-20 08:42:55

Hi all,

Has anyone got any experience with the Joie Elevate? (Group 123).

My son is almost 3 and I want something long lasting.

Both me and my husband need one in each of our cars due to work/childcare routines so I need to buy two and therefore we're not in the position to fork out for expensive ones.

I just don't want the Mothercare ones we currently have as I've read some dodgy stuff.

Any tips?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 26-Jan-20 09:06:05

How heavy is he? The elevate only has an 18kg harnessed weight limit which will be the same as the seat you have, then you have to use the seat belt and it becomes a high back booster.

If he is close to 18kg you really need a 25kg seat like the Joie Bold, or far safer would be one of the 25kg rear facing seats.

BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 09:55:27

Joie Elevate is better than the Mothercare one but is still not the best seat in that category. It's not too bad for a 3yo though and might be good if you have a tall, slim child as it has a much higher level for the harness than other 123 seats. It can be tricky to get a secure fit with it in a lot of cars though, and since fit is critical to safety performance I'd strongly recommend to try it out and ask in the shop if it can be fitted for you by a Joie trained fitter. Smyths and Halfords should both have fitters trained by Joie but you might want to ask about when they are working.

In the same category for a similar price I'd recommend you look at Britax Evolva. It's a bit more robust, gets a better fit and has the best safety rating for seatbelt fitted 123 seats. But I agree with tea, it would be useful to know your little one's height and weight as this will affect which kind of seat is good for him. If he's tall, he might outgrow the harness capability on the Britax before he reaches 18kg. And in either seat, if he reaches 18kg before you're happy to strap him in with just the adult belt you might be stuck.

A couple of things to think about:

Ideally with a forward facing seat, you want to use top tether if you can because this helps reduce forward movement in a crash. This might not be an option due to price/availability of top tether anchors, but if it is an option I would definitely recommend considering it.

It can be better/safer to get just a Group 1 seat for now and look at high backed booster seats later when he outgrows it. You can get a high backed booster in a good safe brand for as little as £35-40 (depending on sales) so it's not always money saving to get one which incoroporates that stage now. If your LO is small for their age you might have a couple of years left in a Group 1 seat yet.

Your LO is still small enough for a rear facing seat, which might be worth a look as this is the safest way to travel. The cheapest one (up to 18kg) is around £50, so they don't need to be expensive, but if you need one which goes over 18kg you will be looking to pay quite a bit more unfortunately, so this might be out of budget. Young children often find it exciting to go "the wrong way" so it's not a problem if he's used to forward facing.

If he is close to either 18kg or 105-110cm, as Tea says a seat which can harness up to 25kg might be worth looking at. Cozy n Safe have just released a new, cheaper one for about £90 you can find online at Uber Kids or Winstanley's Pramworld. You need top tether for these seats, though. Although it says it can be fitted with seatbelt only, I am fairly sure that refers only to booster seat mode. Again more suited for older children - I wouldn't put a 9 month old in this seat but for a 3yo it looks fine.

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