Isofix base that works with multiple group seats?

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Laney79 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:30:37

Hi all

I'm looking to buy an isofix car seat for our newborn but ideally I'd like one with a base that will work not just with a group 0 car seat, but the next size up for him after he's a year old.

Can anyone recommend a brand/isofix base/newborn car seat that would fit the bill?

Added complication is that both cars are old - 2009 Vw beetle cabriolet and a 2003 Honda CR-V both isofix compatible though.


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RhymingRabbit3 Sat 25-Jan-20 07:40:24

I haven't had much luck finding one. There are quite a lot of car seats which are group 0/1/2 so they go from birth to age 4 or so using the same seat (and therefore the same base). However these dont have a carry seat which can go on a travel system.

Etiquetteworry Sat 25-Jan-20 07:51:52

The maxi cosi family fix works for 2 different stage seats. That should fit the bill.

HJWT Sat 25-Jan-20 11:12:21

Cybex do this x

teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 26-Jan-20 09:01:32

I wouldn't restrict yourself. Most 18kg group 1 isofix seats have the isofix integrated into the seat so it's not a separate base. If you only want one which matches your base, you will have far less choice.

Also, if your child is tall or heavier than 50th centile, a 25kg rear facing seat would be a better choice than an 18kg isofix seat which they could outgrow long before they are 4. 25kg seats don't use isofix because isofix has a weight limit so they are secured with the seatbelt and tether points. This is equally as safe as isofix. If your child does need a 25kg seat, an isofix base which would work with an 18kg seat won't be needed.

BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 10:25:32

There are quite a few companies that do this now smile

Maxi Cosi - Familyfix system - I'd strongly recommend getting the one which allows rear facing past the baby stage, and be aware their infant seats in this range are very limited in height limit, meaning the infant has to go into the toddler seat before 1 year old which can be very upright for them. I recommend an infant seat which has a height limit of over 80cm if you're looking at i-size ones, and Maxi Cosi don't make any currently.

Cybex - their range with "M" on the end (stands for Modular) - The only one that offers a spin seat in this range currently, and the only option for a spin interface for infant seats, but their infant seats are heavy, especially the cloud (ironic name!) Some people report a problem with the recline mechanism, but this is covered by warranty, and may be fixed in newer models.

Axkid Modufix system - best legroom and height for rear facing toddler seat in this category, useful if you/DH are tall and slim and likely to have a tall, slim toddler. Infant seat needs an in-between adapter for pushchair use.

Recaro Zero one Elite - works slightly differently - the infant seat clicks into the bigger seat. Can be fiddly to use due to the height, but racing fan/petrolhead DHs tend to love the brand.

Joie - their seats with "i-" in the name (their i-size seats) - a couple of the infant seats (e.g. i-level) don't work without isofix base. Tend to be the best value buy, but shop around. Some people find the i-gemm isn't great for a newborn, I'm not sure if the i-snug is better. They are supposed to be bringing out a better insert to help with the i-gemm.

Venicci Ultralite + Aerofix - Not popular/well known in the UK but very good - most lightweight infant carrier in this category, excellent positioning for newborns.

Besafe izi Modular - One of the original purveyors of a modular system. Highly respected in the rear facing world. Nice, high quality seats.

Happily all of these are compatible with the most popular pushchair adapters. If a pushchair says it takes a Cybex, Maxi Cosi or Joie car seat, it will take any of the infant seats in these systems.

Notable by their absence is Britax. Britax are one of the top makes for safety (they helped develop isofix, for example, now a worldwide industry standard) so I tend to take notice when they don't participate in what seems like a popular trend in the car seat world. But it may be more that they don't consider it a priority more than that they feel it's unsafe.

However yes I would consider the practicalities of it. It does sound like a nice option at this stage, but be aware the car seat companies think it sounds like a great option too, because it means they have you as a guaranteed customer for the stage 2 seat which tends to be quite an expensive one. You might want to have more choice when that time comes around and being restricted to one brand can rule some options out which you might want closer to the time, for example a spin seat or a seat that goes up to 25kg (larger than average children can outgrow standard 18kg/105cm toddler seats by age 3 or even 2.5).

Add up the cost of infant seat + base x2 + toddler seat and compare to the cost of infant seat + potentially cheaper base + separate toddler seat (including 25kg options). As said above most toddler seats do not require a separate base, though the modular ones are easier to move between cars if both have a base set up. If you're planning to move between, your idea might be best. If you want a seat in each car permanently due to split nursery pick ups for example, infant seat + 2x non-modular base + 2x non-modular toddler seats tends to work out cheaper.

If you have two children within 3-4 years you may want to reuse the baby seat, which means using it without base or buying a second set of bases for the new baby, so add this into costs if you think you might do this. Alternatively if there is 2-3+ years gap you may then simply buy a larger seat for the elder, so it can work this way as well.

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