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Cyber Balios M stroller & Aton 4 car seat

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Newturtlemumma Thu 23-Jan-20 14:05:41


Looking for some help with something.

I'm a mum to be (first baby due in July) and we've just bought a 2nd hand Cybex 'travel system'

It's just arrived and I can't manage to make the car seat fit the pushchair frame...the car seat just isn't wide enough. I'm pretty good with this kind of thing so I'm sure it's not me being stupid!

The pushchair and carry cot are Cybex Balios M but the car seat is a Cybex Aton 4.
I can't find anywhere online whether they should be compatible or not. Does anyone here know? Amazingly the Cybex website doesn't tell you!
There's a chance that the seller has lied to me and sold me a mixture of products rather than a legitimate travel system. But maybe not!

Ps. I'm aware that buying a second hand car seat is discouraged...the seller assured me it's not been in an accident. Saying that we may just get a new car seat now anyway...but I want to make sure that we buy a compatible one!

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BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 08:22:25

Yes they are compatible, but I think you need adapters for it. At least that was the case with the Balios S that we looked at. There should be a page in the pushchair manual which refers to adding a car seat.

The Aton 4 isn't sold any more as it's been superceded by the Aton 5. It's a very safe car seat (assuming the history is indeed fine), but if you want to replace it you can use any car seat from Cybex, Maxi Cosi, Joie (except the Juva), Venicci, Besafe, Recaro or Nuna. As these all go onto the same adapters.

BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 08:23:12

I would message the seller and ask about the adapters. They might be tucked away somewhere.

Newturtlemumma Wed 29-Jan-20 08:43:55

Thank you!

I should have updated this. I actually managed to make it fit.
I had the adapters but it turns out they have 2 settings, one for the carry cot and then one for the car seat...which is really not's a button that you click which turns the adapter channel by 180 degrees. I figured it out while videoing the frame for Cybex support. I emailed them from their website and they got back to me in a few hours.

Thanks for your help still!

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BertieBotts Wed 29-Jan-20 09:11:14

Ah sorry, I didn't look at the date of the post smile Great that you got it to work. That's interesting about the switchable adapters - we went with a different buggy in the end and it has different adapters for carrycot and car seat which is a right pain! Should have got the Cybex probably grin

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