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Eeeeek2 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:07:32

@BertieBotts help or anybody else please.

Been in an accident and now got a voucher from Halfords to replace (so I'm limited to Halfords selling it!)

Replacing the cybex serona s I-size and an infant seat

Ds (just 3 very tall) dd 12 months
Still have axkid mini kid as it wasn't in the car and dd about to outgrow her infant seat (also tall)

So ds back in the minikid plan to keep him there until he is too tall or more likely his sister is for the cybex (thinking of replacing the cybex with the same unless someone says something is better) but that still leaves me £300. Not planing on anymore children so no point in buying a new infant seat and base.

So what to do with £300, our second car doesn't have isofix but we have a joie everystages in there for 1 dc but no second seat. I hate the everystages as the belt gets in the way of loading, the harness is really difficult to make tight plus it really doesn't feel secure. Halfords don't sell the minikid or I'd just buy another. So any ideas? Thinking about a harnessed forward facing seat non isofix that ds could use on nursery school coach trips too or used as a hhb if I was taking friends children. Or do I buy something for ds for my car (isofix) when he has grown out of minikid which won't be for 2 years?!

So if anyone has actually managed to read that essay and understand please help

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INeedNewShoes Fri 13-Dec-19 12:18:59

Do Halfords selling any extended rear facing to 6 years?

If yes, I'd seriously consider that.

On the idea of a forward facing seat, I wouldn't feel comfortable transporting a friend's child under the age of 4 in a forward facing seat if my DC were rear facing. The evidence for the types of injuries more likely to occur if FF in an accident is compelling. The only time my DD goes FF is in a relative's Fiat 500 as our Joie stages won't fit RF. I'm only happy with this because it's only ever local journeys where they wouldn't be doing more than 20mph.

But you could buy a good FF seat for later down the line when kids are too big for the RF seats.

I agree belted seats are a pain. I get DD to climb into her Joie Stages from the other side, but obviously this isn't so practical if there's another car seat on the other back seat.

Eeeeek2 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:26:42

I seem to be the only one rear facing my child at 3 so that I suggested a ff seat because that's what they use already plus many of them are 4-6. Plus if it was non isofix maybe I could use it on a coach trip where there isn't enough room for a rear facing seat.

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Eeeeek2 Fri 13-Dec-19 12:29:10

Ds has only been in our second car once when my car was in garage so it's not likely he'll be in it much (if at all) before he is 4.

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BertieBotts Mon 30-Dec-19 19:39:05

Sorry, I don't get tags because I've turned them off as so many people use them constantly on random threads and it annoys me sad so I am probably too late now!

Anyway just in case if not.

You can contact insurance and say Halfords no good as they do not stock the seat you want and you would prefer cash. They should do this. They may alternatively agree to reimburse if you buy the seat(s) elsewhere and provide receipts. In this case you can get a second minikid.

If stuck with halfords:

If DS is tall at 3 he is almost definitely too tall for a Group 1 harness, meaning a standard 123 seat (harnessed booster) will be no good. You might want a Joie Bold for him if you would like to keep him in a harness, but it needs isofix and top tether. Otherwise I would get a top notch booster - possibly Britax Kidfix 3?

Another Cybex should be fine. I think the Britax Dualfix comes out slightly better for safety, but there's not a lot in it.

limitedscreentime Mon 30-Dec-19 19:46:01

Look at the britax two way elite - it's forward or rear facing to 25kg and has a long back (as your dc is tall). It's really lightweight, easy to install and costs £200 but could be used for the littler one as the larger grows out of it. We have one set up rear facing in my car but often whisk it out and have it ff if dc is travelling in another car (the rear facing set up is more of a faff and I don't mind ff for short/slow journey as dc is nearly 5.

limitedscreentime Mon 30-Dec-19 19:47:43

Oh, I'm thick. Missed the Halfords bit and couldn't understand why people were recommending them!


BertieBotts Mon 30-Dec-19 20:26:39

smile Check which one you have BTW - the currently being sold version of the TWE is only approved forward facing to 18kg. It's the older one you can forward face to 25kg. The difference is the colour of the buckle - the one on the old model is grey, the one on the new model isblack.

Eeeeek2 Mon 30-Dec-19 21:13:50

Thanks for the advice. I was limited to Halfords because the seats we were replacing were sold by Halfords so had to go that way.

Decided to replace the cybex serona and then did get the Britax kidfix s for when ds is bigger plus used the rest of the money on a joie stages. So have 2 seats for the second car at the moment until ds grows a bit more then will have a gap where I won't use the second car without moving the minikid until ds is 4 and then I might be ok with him in a booster.

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BertieBotts Tue 31-Dec-19 19:48:34

Sounds like you did well then smile

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