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3 seats in the back of a Honda Jazz/small car?

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BlueRaincoat89 Thu 28-Nov-19 20:53:20

We are expecting twins and have a DD who will be 2 when they arrive. I would like to keep my Honda Jazz and wondered if anyone has had any success fitting 3 seats across the back? DD is currently in a Cossato Come and Go which seems pretty big so we may have to get rid of this. We also already have a Recaro Privia Evo from when she was newborn. Any tips on narrower seats?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 29-Nov-19 18:30:30

You won't get 3 car seats in the back of a Jazz as far as I know. You could put one twin in the back and one on the front passenger seat in an infant carrier with the airbag turned off (preferably disabled if you use this set up frequently).

SimonJT Fri 29-Nov-19 18:34:27

You could have a multimac fitted, then it’s sorted until they’re old enough not to need seats and it can be installed in future cars if you do upgrade.

Bibbidybobbitysplated Fri 29-Nov-19 18:40:24

Join 'a-z of rear facing'on facebook, one of the moderators has a jazz and will usually suggest options you can go for

Bibbidybobbitysplated Fri 29-Nov-19 18:41:26

And 3 in the back is achievable as the lady had 3 herself smile

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 29-Nov-19 19:09:31

You're right! An infant carrier, a Britax TWE and an Axkid Minikid fit!

Spanneroo Fri 29-Nov-19 19:19:52

Can't turn the airbag off in a Honda.

We've had a TWE and two Britax infant carriers (without base) in the back of a Jazz. We've also managed an infant carrier, TWE, and a Britax first class.

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