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Travelling in a taxi with a baby

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welshsoph Wed 04-Sep-19 10:03:30

Sorry if this isn’t the right place to post, I wasn’t sure where to go!

We have a family event coming up where DH, DS (6 months) and I will be travelling by taxi. I’ve read the guideline on this on the gov website but I’m still a little confused.

I can put DS’ car seat in the taxi and take the travel system with us, but then he’ll have to have his naps in the car seat and won’t be lying flat at any point during the day, which I know is advised against.

The government advice seems to suggest he can travel without a car seat as long as he is in the back. Would he just sit on my/DH’s lap with the seatbelt round both if that’s the case? It doesn’t sound very safe confused
If we did it that way at least we could take his stroller for him to nap in, which would be better as it reclines to a flat position.

Any help greatly appreciated!

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Ponchie Wed 04-Sep-19 10:12:50

Why don't you take the stroller and the car seat?

MyCatDrinksFlatWhites Wed 04-Sep-19 10:13:56

Personally, I think it is safer to have them in the car seat, at the expense of a lie-flat nap, than the alternative. The risk of a car accident, and the potential consequences, is probably higher than the risk of not being flat for naps at that age. If you have the car seat option, I would definitely use it.

Do you have a rug or anything you could take to lie baby on for a nap during the day, or is that not practical in view of where you're going?

Cuppa12345 Wed 04-Sep-19 10:14:12

At 6 months it'll be fine for him to nap in the car seat as long as you are taking him out when he is awake.

Caspianberg Wed 04-Sep-19 10:17:22

I would also take the car seat and attach to pram if thats what you mean.

At 6 months its fine for them to have the odd longer nap in car seat if needed, the alternative if travelling without a car seat which is far less safe . Surely he can also nap on your lap, or on a blanket on sofa/ floor also as an option

welshsoph Wed 04-Sep-19 11:07:02

Yes I also thought the car seat option would be the safest. I find it a bit odd that the govt advice is that children under 3 can travel in the back of a taxi without a seatbelt! Unless I’ve misunderstood?

Caspian yes that’s what I meant about taking the travel system - I can attach the car seat to the pram when we get there.

As it’s a family event I’m sure we’ll have enough options for sleeping on someone’s lap if necessary!

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Ponchie Wed 04-Sep-19 12:15:28

Unless you'll be spending the day walking around I don't see why you can't store the car seat in a corner out of the way? As you say there will be plenty of laps to sleep on...

soulrunner Wed 04-Sep-19 12:18:44

I find it a bit odd that the govt advice is that children under 3 can travel in the back of a taxi without a seatbelt!

I think it's about practicalities because if you rely on taxis and are going somewhere where you're walking round, you'd need to carry the car seat round with you, potentially for hours.

Jamhandprints Wed 04-Sep-19 12:22:34

Yes he would sit on your lap but not under the seatbelt. You strap yourself in, then hold him. I've done this for short journeys for the same reason as you, DD is not comfortable going for walks etc in the car seat so I'd rather be able to use the buggy.

welshsoph Wed 04-Sep-19 12:46:43

Ponchie we’ll have quite a lot of other things with us so didn’t want to take the stroller as well as the car seat just because of that.
Jam thank you for confirming. It would only be a short journey so it might be ok doing it that way.
I assume the taxi company would be ok with either option? Will have to check

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jomaIone Wed 04-Sep-19 12:58:39

How long a journey is it?

At 6 months, is your baby really going to lie in his pram all day anyway? Especially at a family event where he is going to be centre of attention! I would take the car seat and the travel system to attach it for walking to and from but otherwise I bet the baby will be out and passed around all day so no need.

Also I would stop worrying about car seats at this age. My baby was going for 4 hours car journeys and sleeping a lot of that time with breaks from an early age and as long as you are keeping an eye on them then there isn't too much to worry about IMO.

welshsoph Wed 04-Sep-19 14:56:37

You’re right, while he’s awake he’ll be passed from pillar to post so won’t be spending much time in the car seat anyway!

That feels like the safest option, take the car seat & pram for transferring him from the car to the venue & back again

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Cuppa12345 Wed 04-Sep-19 15:02:07

Times like these were the reason I was pleased I bothered with a travel system as it was the only time it was worth transferring the car seat to the frame. I could never keep my baby awake getting the car seat off the isofix base so never used it otherwise. I tell myself it wasn't a waste of money for the times I used it like you 😂

Expressedways Wed 04-Sep-19 15:11:33

I’d just use the car seat travel system style so you have it for the taxi journey and for naps. He’ll be out of the seat when he’s awake (everyone will want cuddles!) so it’s not like he’ll be spending the whole time in it and at 6 months you don’t need to worry so much about lie flat. Seems like a lot of hassle to take a car seat, and a stroller and personally I wouldn’t be happy about a taxi ride without a car seat unless it really couldn’t be avoided.

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