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1/2/3 with isofix or not

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Jfshh63 Wed 21-Aug-19 13:56:18

Our daughter has grown out of her baby seat and I’m looking for a 1/2/3 option that will last a while.
We have one car with isofix points and one car without and would like to be able to move the seat from one to the other. If it’s going to last until age 12 we may have upgraded our car so both have isofix by then so don’t want a seat without.
Are there isofix seats that you can secure with a seat belt instead and not use the isofix part?
For a baby seat we got round it with an isofix base.

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teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 21-Aug-19 17:33:39

How old is your daughter and what height and weight centile does she follow? If her height and weight are less than the 50th centile, you would be best to get an 18kg seat. If she is above the 50th centile, you would be better to get a 25kg seat so that it lasts until beyond 4yrs when she'll be mature enough for a high back booster. Obviously rear facing is far safer so that would be safest option.

There aren't many seats that fit with a seatbelt and isofix so you'd probably be better looking at belt fitted seats. These are just as safe as isofix seats, it's just that isofix takes away some of the risk of human error on installation.

18kg seats to consider would be the Joie Stages. There are some Klippan seats that fit with isofix and seatbelt.

25kg seats to consider would be the Axkid Minikid, Britax Two Way Elite and Britax Max Way. There are others.

Getting a seat that lasts to 12 is slightly less important that getting the right seat for the next few years. Some combination seats (1/2/3) don't always work so well as a booster so it can be the case that you end up having to buy a new high back booster anyway. You can get a good HBB for about £50 so it doesn't have to be a huge amount for another seat.

Phizpop Wed 21-Aug-19 17:42:46

Really comprehensive advice there from teaandbiscuitsforme. I'd second looking at extended rear facing seats. They are easily missed if just looking in the shops. Lots of different options around as suggested above. We will get much cheaper highback boosters once eldest has outgrown their britax two way elite.

Jfshh63 Wed 21-Aug-19 22:46:41

Thanks for the tips - like the ideas of staying backwards and joie stages is now on order. £109 seemed like a bargain!

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