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First time mum - extended rear facing and non isofix? help/confused

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upthewoodenhill Wed 14-Aug-19 12:13:37

Hi there,

I'm looking to buy a car seat that is: extended rear facing, belted installation. But I'm really confused about which car seat to buy. I don't have isofix fittings in my car, and the review website is only coming up with two car seats that fit my category - however they recommend to not buy them.

I'm not buying a travel system - so happy for the car seat to be standalone and fitted permanently. But really would appreciate some advice?

Thank you x

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brittlestar Wed 14-Aug-19 12:16:07

I've got the joie every stage. It's belted and extended rear facing I would recommend. You have to post your toddler in over the seatbelt but my dc is comfy and safe in there.

randomsabreuse Wed 14-Aug-19 12:21:16

My only suggestion is a 9kg and up seat, Britax 2 way elite. Seems comfortable enough for my 15kg 4yo, decent height range.

Belt installed seats are a pig until you get used to them though. So if it stays in the car you will swear at it every time you need to deal with it, although Isofix can have its moments too.

Which aren't great on ERF - they think they're fiddly- try calling the in car safety centre for advice - or there's an ERF group on Facebook.

Celebelly Wed 14-Aug-19 12:31:12

Join the A-Z of rearfacing group on FB, it's really good.

Depending on your car, you should be able to fit the 25kg rear facing seats as none of these are Isofix (only up to 18kg). Have a look at the Axkid Minikid and Britax seats.

Weathergirl1 Wed 14-Aug-19 12:50:32

From what I can gather, Which doesn't recommend belted fitting due to them being more likely to be fitted incorrectly and therefore less safe. IMHO, that may be true at population level, but if your a competent person there's no reason why it wouldn't be fitted correctly each time.

welshweasel Wed 14-Aug-19 12:51:35

Axkid minikid is a brilliant seat. Don’t bother with which, they are next to useless for car seat reviews. Agree with advice to join car seat advice uk.

welshweasel Wed 14-Aug-19 12:53:05

However if you’re looking to use from birth then there aren’t many suitable seats. You’d be better off getting an infant seat such at the joie juva (£40) then getting a 25kg erf seat when they outgrow it.

moreismore Wed 14-Aug-19 12:55:48

How old is your child? Assuming they’ve grown out of infant carrier, extended rear facing to 25kg is safest. Isofix is only to 18kg so belt fixing will be the only option. If you’re trying to avoid buying infant carrier - I would get one if you can. They are much safer and you can easily fit with a seatbelt. Maxi Cosi cabriofix for e.g. can often be found under £50.

INeedNewShoes Wed 14-Aug-19 12:59:56

Joie Stages is ERF to 4 years and belted.

I believe the issue mentioned in the Which? review with the straps was on the initial model and later corrected but it's always worth checking these things yourself.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 14-Aug-19 17:45:38

From birth, the Joie Stages would be the best choice and would last to 18kg.

However, it may be better to get an infant carrier which can stay fitted in the car and move to an extended rear facing seat at 12-18mo. There are two reasons for this:

1. A birth to 18kg seat cannot give the same recline or protection to a newborn as an infant carrier. Not that's it's unsafe or anything, it's just not quite as protective as an infant carrier.

2. If your child is heavier or taller than the 50th centile (the health visitor will track this), an 18kg seat could be outgrown earlier than it is safer to move into a high back booster and therefore you'd have to buy a 25kg seat as well. My DS is 2.5yrs and just about outgrowing an 18kg Seat.

If you did buy an infant carrier, there are then lots of 25kg extended rear facing belt fitted seats to choose from. We have Axkid Minikids and a Britax Two Way Elite but there are more.

Which isn't the best source of car seat advice unfortunately. Some of it can be quite incorrect! Car Seat Advice UK is another good source of advice on Facebook or try an independent car seat retailer rather than somewhere like Mothercare or Halfords.

DevonLulu Sun 25-Aug-19 23:08:24

Axkid minikid is an amazing seat. Would recommend highly.

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