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Bebecar car seats and isofix

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teaandbiscuitsforme Mon 05-Aug-19 10:08:49

How does the seat fit if you just install it using the seatbelt? (i.e. with no isofix base) Installing a seat with the seatbelt tends to get a much better fit, particularly if the seats are sloped.

xTinkerbell Sun 04-Aug-19 21:05:01


We put a deposit down on a bebecar hip hop today. We had planned to buy the car seat and isofix base to but the girl in the pram centre said the isofix will only fit into some cars. She said it wouldn’t fit into my oh’s fiesta or any car with even a slight dip in the back seats. I’m getting a new car soon so we weren’t obviously able to test it in the car it would usually be used in. Tried in my mum’s Fiat 500L and said it didn’t fit that either.

I contacted bebecar who said they will fit into ‘most’ cars with isofix so now I’m confused. Spoken to someone online who owns another pram shop which is too far to travel to who has said that they’ve only ever had issues with them fitting into sports seats as they are raised.

Does anyone have one and out of interest which car do you drive?

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