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Recommendations for Q5

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LSOTW Sun 04-Aug-19 13:21:39

Hi all
I want to buy a car seat for my 9 month old that can be used when we visit grandparents who live abroad rather than lug ours around or hire . They have an Audi Q5 and every seat I've looked at seems to have the caveat it'scompatible but due to incline of seat might not be fully comfortable . I'm therefore Looking for recommendations from anyone who has this type of car for a stage one car seat as we won't be able to visit stores there and try out in advance - thanks !

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 04-Aug-19 15:07:29

I'd go for something like the Joie Stages which is fairly universal fitting, seat belt fitted which is much better for sloped seats and will last rear facing until your DS is 18kg.

If he's particularly tall/heavy and you're likely to get a reasonable amount of use out of it, the Britax Two Way Elite would be a really good choice from about 12mo because it's a 25kg so will last much longer. Again, it's belt fitted so much better for sloped seats. We had a Q5 as a hire car not long ago and our Two Way Elite fitted really well.

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