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Maxi Cosi Jade or cybex cloud z

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SurreyisSunny Tue 30-Jul-19 15:59:42

I know the jade is really new. Anyone tried this?

I also like the look of the cybex as it lies flat.

Will mostly be used for car use. I’m super safety conscious so this is my primary concern

Both pricey, considering Joie too but more mixed reviews.

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JustLooking2019 Fri 27-Sep-19 23:22:06

The cybex cloud z does lie flat but not in the car, only if you were to put it on a pushchair chassis. In the car, it must be used in the upright position.
Sorry if you already knew that!
The Jade will take up the middle seat of your car as well so could be an issue if you have other passengers to fit in?

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