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Car seat Ford Kuga

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Jmcd2020 Sun 28-Jul-19 19:30:09

Went to pick a car seat today (was set on Joie 360) only to find the (very helpful) sales advisor show us that it wouldn’t be suitable for newborn until at least six months old due to recline position. Even the Maxi Cosi Cabrio using the seatbelt fix wasn’t great. Anyone had this issue and if so, any solutions?

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 03-Aug-19 07:06:22

Where did you go to try car seats?

I've just searched Kuga on 'Car Seat Advice UK' on Facebook and can see posts from people using a range of seats including the 360. I don't have that car myself but I'd be really surprised if a belt fitted infant carrier didn't fit because they can't be fitted in cars with really sloped seats.

Maybe join the facebook group and ask which infant carriers people have used in their Kugas?

Biancadelrioisback Sat 03-Aug-19 07:15:03

I've got a Kuga smile

We've got a Joie stages (I think) in the back. Would have been suitable from birth but we used a silver cross one then and got this at around 8 months. DS (2) is still rear facing so the seat is in the same positions (in terms of recline) as a newborn would be just obvs without all the inserts

Biancadelrioisback Sat 03-Aug-19 07:15:47

What seats are in your Kuga btw? Just the normal or the recaro?

BertieBotts Sat 03-Aug-19 08:40:54

The 360 has quite a good recline as 0+/1 seats go. Are your seats very tilted?

What about the Joie i-level? That has a much flatter recline in the car than most infant seats.

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