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joie 360 spin do not buy

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pduerden Fri 26-Apr-19 12:49:17

Just been told it is a common problem that the Joie 360 get stuck in cars. I tried to contact Joie but as it was the weekend they do not offer support so had to use a hammer to remove it from my sister in-laws car. Customer service told me they could have resolved this if I had contacted them first 😂

Also the straps are awful. They get tangled and the buckle is difficult to fasten my new one at half the price is alot easier to fasten

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RogersVideo Sat 27-Apr-19 00:05:37

Yeah, we get it, you don't need to bump every old post about the 360 from the last year.

I like my 360, I've had no problems with the buckle or straps at all. I have found it difficult to remove from the car, but we can do it... without a hammer.

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