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Why don't I like the joie 360 like everyone else?

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supersuper Thu 31-Jan-19 17:16:19

So I've just bought a joie 360 spin as I've read sooo many great reviews about it. I have to say I'm really disappointed with it!

My son is 6 months and I've been using his maxi cosi car seat up until now. He's quite chunky and is getting heavy, especially in the car seat. So I bought the 360 spin thinking it will last until his 4 years ish.

I've had to take all the inserts out apart from the head one as when I put him in it he was all squashed and cried as he was uncomfortable. He still doesn't look comfy now. He doesn't like not being able to move his head round so he can see to the sides. The head rest seems to be too close to his face. I've moved it up to level with his shoulders which helps a bit, but he still doesn't like it.
What am I doing wrong? Why does everyone seem to like this car seat?
Can anyone tell me how to make my son more comfy before I take it back to the shop?!

Thankyou x

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teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 01-Feb-19 15:43:37

You might just need to fiddle with the insert combinations to see what best fits his shape.

As for lasting until 4, if he is chunky, it's unlikely it will last until 4. Possibly not what you want to hear but if you think it's not the right seat for you, if you can send it back it might be worth it.

Track his height and weight in his red book and plot when he is likely to be 18kg. For my DS, he'd reach 18kg just after 2.5yrs so he needs a 25kg seat otherwise I would have to have bought an 18kg seat, then a 25kg seat before he'd be old enough and mature enough for a HBB.

pduerden Fri 26-Apr-19 12:57:53

Just been told it is a common problem that the Joie 360 get stuck in cars. I tried to contact Joie but as it was the weekend they do not offer support so had to use a hammer to remove it from my sister in-laws car. Customer service told me they could have resolved this if I had contacted them first 😂

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