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iCandy Peach 2018 & Joie I-level car seat question

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BeekDX Fri 18-Jan-19 19:27:59

Hi all new upcoming parents here we have recently bought the new iCandy Peach 2018 travel system And are now looking at suitable car seats.

We we like the look of the Joie I-Level car seat however can’t see definitely if they play nice with each other. ICandy website doesn’t show it does yet joie website says it does!

anyone have this combo and can confirm?


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teaandbiscuitsforme Sat 19-Jan-19 08:00:20

So long as your I candy has Maxi Cosi adaptors, it will fit. A lot of car seats use the Maxi cost adaptors in order to make them more universal.

Abiv123 Sat 07-Nov-20 20:27:48

Hi I just wondered if you went for this combo or not as I’m a mum to be and looking at this combo (if I can find a second hand candy as so expensive! ) lol x

BertieBotts Sun 08-Nov-20 22:02:57

The pram lists are always, always out of date. And they don't have much incentive to keep them up to date because realistically they would prefer you to buy their own branded car seat. So they tend to list a couple of the most popular models of the most popular brands which are compatible, just so that you know you have options, but in reality you always have loads more choice.

As anyone in the nursery industry will tell you - 99% of car seats these days are produced to be compatible with Maxi Cosi pushchair adapters. Called this because Maxi Cosi, at some point in the mid 00s with their Cabriofix seat started somewhat of a revolution by selling (offering? I'm not sure) the pattern for their car seat adapters to various different big pram brands. Soon it became common knowledge that a Maxi Cosi seat would go onto loads of different prams and they gained a massive share of the market at least for infant seats. In order to get a share of this in turn, many other car seat brands started to make their seats compatible with Maxi Cosi adapters. It's brilliant because it basically means pram companies can make one adapter and fit almost all of the bigger brands of car seat on there, and some smaller brands as well. Generally you won't find budget brands like Hauck, Graco, OBaby, and generic seats but everything by Cybex, Joie, Nuna, Maxi Cosi, Besafe, Recaro - they all go onto the same adapters.

The only big brand that doesn't use Maxi Cosi adapters is Britax. But they are popular across the pond in the US, and luckily their adapters are the same worldwide. So if you have a pram from a company which trades in the US or a country where Britax has a significant presence (Scandanavia and Germany, basically) then you're also very likely to be able to get Britax adapters for your buggy.

The Joie i-Level uses Maxi Cosi adapters. So it will fit. I can't tell you how nicely or not it will go on - it's a long car seat, which is almost never an issue (they are never as long as pram seats!) but I wouldn't have any concerns about it. If you want to be absolutely sure, if you can get hold of the buggy first do this, buy the adapters, and then go into a big baby shop or, even better, an independent (once lockdown is over obviously) and ask them whether you can try a Joie i-Level on your pram. They will likely say yes. If you want to test it before you buy the pram, ask your local baby store whether they have personally tried this combination, again, it's likely that they have. It's a popular pram and a popular car seat.

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