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Seat for holidays with toddler

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MulderitsmeX Wed 26-Dec-18 22:14:02

Just checking out the boxing day sales!
dc in 9 percentile for height and weight age 10 months, still fits in bith daily and holiday baby seats but keeping an eye out for the next stage up.

For DC's main toddler seat I will get one of the Sweden test ones but for now I need some advice on a secondary seat to take on hols. Requirements
1. Erf til at least 2
2. 100 mark as think I will need 2 plus the 400£ main car one.
3. Belted installation (ideally with option of isofix)
4. Not too big or heavy so easy ish to transport. Plus I have had airlines tell me if my car seat is too big I will have to pay oversize charge.

I will definitely need a second seat for MIL'S car so wanted to work out which would also be good for travelling, I like having my own seat to take with me as I know its history. I wrote erf til 2 as not sure if the ones that erf til 4 will be too heavy to take on a plane but will have him erf in MIL'S car til 4 if I can.


TulipsInbloom1 Wed 26-Dec-18 22:16:40

The Britax 2way elite is incredibly lightweight and erf to 4yo. You would need to check whether it would fit in an airline seat (if you dont plan on checking it in).

TulipsInbloom1 Wed 26-Dec-18 22:17:40

Can I ask why you need a main car and a holiday one? Cant you just take the main car one on holiday?

welshweasel Wed 26-Dec-18 22:19:14

Joie stages or every stage. We’ve taken our every stage all over the place, never had an issue fitting it in hire cars/taxis etc. DS still happily rear facing in it at almost 3.

MulderitsmeX Wed 26-Dec-18 22:35:25

Super thanks both. I will have a look at both

I need a 2nd one anyway for MIL but I also don't want to take my main one on a plane as I'm paranoid that the plastic will get compromised during the flight (I check them in as DC sits on my lap, also I think not all airlines let you take a car seat into the cabin even if DC has a seat of their own - I may be wrong on this though).

I know you can bubble wrap and get suitcase wrapping but (a) I will still worry esp if DC has the seat til 4 or 5 and (b) when I need to get tired family into the taxi I think it will be a bit too much faff to be cutting all the packaging off.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 26-Dec-18 22:43:17

For a 9th centile baby, the Joie Tilt is a good option - ERF to 18kg and fairly budget friendly. It's smaller and lighter than the Stages so not great for larger babies - but potentially great for yours! The Britax TWE is a great seat but it may be a while before your DC would fit it. They need to be well into 12-18 clothes before the harness would fit.

MulderitsmeX Wed 26-Dec-18 23:25:11

Thanks tea that's a good point to consider, will add the tilt to my list of ones to in to smile

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