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jjj789 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:23:14

DD 3.10 (97cm) is currently in a 2-way Pearl (rear facing) when with my parents. However she can't seem to clamber in by herself as there's not a ton of room (relatively small car), so they end up lifting her in. My mum seems to be struggling with this now so I'm wondering whether to change the seat. Where do I start?! In an ideal world she would continue to rear face and is in a Nuna Rebl in our car, rear facing. I can't justify spending hundreds on another swivel seat. Are there any recommended seats that would do her for a couple of years, can rear face, but are less bulky? Otherwise I guess we'd start her forward facing, but I have no idea where to start finding "the one"! Any suggestions gratefully received! Many thanks

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Enidblyton1 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:29:28

I don’t know any 4-6 year olds who still rear face, so afraid any help you there. But if you go forward facing, I’ve been impressed with our Cybex. I forget the name of the model, but it’s a very solid, high backed booster, with good head and side protection. Cost about £180 I think. We moved our DD into it when she was the same age/height as your DD. Whilst not as statistically safe as rear facing, the best high backed boosters are very well made these days.

Enidblyton1 Thu 06-Dec-18 10:31:39

Unless you have a younger child to pass the car seat on to, you may find you don’t get very much use out of another rear facing seat.
(This is where I’ll be proved wrong and everyone will come to say that their 5/6 year olds are still rear facing!!)

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 06-Dec-18 18:10:41

Britax Two Way Elite! Fits very well as a spare in our Fiesta with my tall 3.5yr old in it. I've no intention of putting her forward facing anytime soon!

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