issue with Joie spin 360 isofix extender

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teaandbiscuitsforme Sun 25-Nov-18 20:26:12

I'd contact Joie on Facebook. They're pretty quick at replying to issues.

jamesuk Sun 25-Nov-18 19:49:34

Hi, I have a joie spin 360 cat seat and not had an issue until not that my babies leg room is starting to cramped and her legs are now touching the actual car seat and her legs are pretty bent due to lack of room.

She is 1 years old; she has always been a little long in the legs, so i thought i would look into extending the isofix legs as they were in.

I pressed the button that allows you to extend the legs and i now seem to have 2 issues:

1. the car seat now feels more wobbly than it did before, i have tried adjusting the leg that goes on the floor to see if it was that but the seat still feels pretty wobbly after extending the isofix legs, if i put them fully in again it feels much less wobbly again.

2. After I extend the isofix legs to where i want them, they don't seem to fix permanently at this position, with a little pressure pushing the chair it seems to go back in again and i hear a bit of clicking until I’m back to the seat being fully in how it was originally.

Obviously both issues are a little worrying; I just can't seem to get the seat to not wobble when extending it. it my issue 2 normal though or an issue? Should the seat be locking in the place i extend the isofix too?



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