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5 point harness for 3 year old

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Waggily Fri 16-Nov-18 13:45:44


My little boy is close to the weight limit for his Nuna Rebl but I fon’t feel Comfortable putting him in a high back booster just using the seat belt. Are there any hbb’s that have a harness and go beyond 18kg as i’m Struggling to find any.


WinkyisbackontheButterBeer Fri 16-Nov-18 13:48:22

Joie bold goes up to 25kg. We have it for Dd and have had no problems but it does seem to have mixed reviews.

teaandbiscuitsforme Fri 16-Nov-18 21:27:07

There are more options rear facing - Britax Two Way Elite, axkid Minikid, Britax max way to make a few.

Forward facing - you can only use a 25kg seat if your car has isofix and top tether. Options are Joie Bold, Cosy and Safe Excalibur or Diono radian 5 (also tear faces)

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