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Extended rear facing for '58 Kia Rio Chill

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DD2017 Wed 03-Oct-18 17:59:09

As per Vectra post, I'm looking for another car seat for a friend who will also watch DD when I'm back to work.
DD is 1 and in 80th centile for height and weight.
Due to the small size of the rear seat it may prove difficult to get a suitable extended rear facing. I have the Joie every stage fx but think this would be too bulky to fit behind the front seat.
Any advice on a good every stage seat or at least group 1&2? Ideally rear facing as long as possible with harness.

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 03-Oct-18 21:07:06

As your other post, the Britax Two Way Elite or Axkid Minikid would be good choices.

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