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BeSafe Izi Kid x2 i-Size vs BeSafe Izi Modular i-Size vs Britax Roemer Dualfix i-Size

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123Julie Wed 03-Oct-18 13:41:36

We currently have a Concord Reverso for our small 2 year-old, but will need to replace it as our (parked) car got hit by another car – only minor impact and thankfully, none of us were in the car and nobody in the other car got hurt either, but we feel we’d rather replace the car seat just in case it might have got compromised internally – we think it unlikely, but it would be horrible to think just in case it had been and we got involved in an accident with DS in it.

Unfortunately, insurance will only pay the cost for the Concord Reverso Plus, which is the successor of our Concord Reverso. However, it doesn’t score as well for safety in tests (e.g. German ADAC test) and we have also found a few things we don’t like as much about the Reverso since buying it, so are looking at other models.

We’re looking for a rearward-facing i-Size seat with good safety testing. Our shortlist is between the BeSafe Izi Kid x2 i-Size, BeSafe Izi Modular i-Size or Britax Roemer Dualfix i-Size. Unfortunately, none of them are available nearby enough for us to try out.

One thing we don’t like about the Concord Reverso is that the harness lengthens at the crotch strap rather than the shoulder straps, meaning the shoulder straps are a bit close to the neck for our small boy already – we know the harnesses in all the seats in our shortlist work differently, so that should be fine.

The second thing we don’t like about the Reverso is that it doesn’t recline – we didn’t think this would be a problem when we bought it, but the seats in our Skoda Fabia Sport are bucket seats which are positioned at an angle (knees higher than bottom). This means that the Reverso really doesn’t sit well on them, with DS being quite upright and his head falling forward as soon as he falls asleep, resulting in him waking frequently.

We probably won’t stick with the Skoda Fabia Sport forever, but for now, we need a car seat that works in it. Our son will likely be in it for a while, given that he’s currently just over 80cm.

We like the sound of the extendable leg space in the BeSafe car seats for when he gets bigger (and we might have another car). My sister has the BeSafe Izi Modular i-Size for her kid and is very happy with it. She mainly uses it in a Skoda Fabia, too, and at its most reclined setting, it doesn’t sit too upright. However, their car has normal seats rather than bucket seats.

Has anyone used any of the above three car seats on bucket seats and/or in a Fabia? Do they fit well?

Anything else we should know about them, good or bad? (I feel I had done some extensive research before buying our current Concord Reverso, but still got caught out by the above-mentioned couple of things which just hadn’t occurred to me to think about beforehand, so any advice gratefully received. smile)

123Julie Wed 03-Oct-18 13:42:17

Oops, sorry this got a bit long!

teaandbiscuitsforme Wed 03-Oct-18 17:46:00

The Dualfix will has the shortest shell so won't last as long as the others.

We had the izi kid - it was great but wouldn't have been a good long term choice for my tall kids. I'd either try it or look on the Facebook group 'car seat advice uk' to see if it fits in your car before you buy because with isofix, it's much harder to get a good fit in bucket seats. It could be fine though!

123Julie Thu 04-Oct-18 14:44:51

Thanks a lot, teaandbiscuits (love the handle, btw)!

Very helpful, both the advice re Dualfix and Izi Kid and the pointer to the FB group. Thanks!

teaandbiscuitsforme Thu 04-Oct-18 17:35:37

Something like the Joie Stages could work well with bucket seats. Not as snazzy as the Be Safe seats but you might be able to get a better fit and just as safe.

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